Tired of the Gym? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a CrossFit Workout

Crossfit TrainingAlthough you can safely do whatever kind of workout you want from the comfort of your home, it is often recommended that you hit the gym every once in a while for your workouts. The atmosphere you’ll find inside a gym is very conducive to building your new body and sweating out the pounds. More likely than not, you’ll get more impressive results when you work out at a gym than outside of it.

Unfortunately, hitting the gym is not always a feasible move for everyone. Some people don’t have access to a gym. Some people are too self-conscious to work out at the gym in the presence of other people. Some don’t have time to go to the gym. And some simply find going to the gym boring.

If you’re reluctant to visit the gym for your workouts or simply bored with using the same old exercise equipment and following the same old routines, you can rev it up by following a CrossFit Workout routine. Here are five reasons why you should consider CrossFit fitness training:

Reason #1: A CrossFit Work-Out Routine Conditions Your Body

In as much as you need to go through intense daily workouts to achieve the weight and the body shape you want, you have to prepare your body first to sustain the strain and stress that inevitably come with these workouts. If you don’t prepare your body, you will definitely injure yourself and the injury can be serious enough to put you off working out for life.

A CrossFit workout, especially the CrossFit daily workout for beginners, is designed to provide the conditioning and preparation that your body requires to be able to go through any aggressive exercise you will perform. With this kind of conditioning routine, you will be able to avoid any injuries and even reduce the stress of your workout.

Reason #2: CrossFit Routines Take Only 20 Minutes a Day

A typical CrossFit routine you’ll find online will take only 20 minutes of your time to complete. There are even routines that take up only 10 minutes. This means you can fit your workouts into your schedule no matter how busy you are. You won’t be able to use the fact that you’re busy as an excuse not to do your workout.

The beauty of CrossFit daily workout routines is that no matter how short they are, they are quite intense. You’ll get maximum benefits from your workout even if you spent only ten minutes going through the moves. Your body will also show visible results from the workout after a short while.

Reason #3: CrossFit Routines Work Your Whole Body

One reason why you only need at most 20 minutes to perform your daily CrossFit routines is each CrossFit exercise is designed to work your entire body. Some exercises may focus more on, say, a specific muscle group on your abdominal area, but other parts of your body will gain workout benefits as well. From your neck and shoulders to the tips of your toes, you will feel the burn from your CrossFit workout for a lot less of the time it usually takes with other routines.

Reason #4: CrossFit Workouts Offer Variety

There are hundreds of exercises that you can use to create your very own personalized CrossFit routine. You can find these exercises at the official CrossFit website and at the many other fitness websites that have dedicated a page or two to the CrossFit system.

With so many different exercises available, it’s impossible not to find a routine that suits you perfectly. Moreover, you can easily change up your routines whenever you feel bored with your exercises. Boredom is one huge factor behind people quitting their weight loss efforts, and you can avoid that with the CrossFit system. You can even challenge yourself and become more motivated by trying out the CrossFit Workout of the Day or WOD.

Reason #5: You Can Do Your CrossFit Routine Easily at Home

There are at least 4,000 gyms affiliated with the CrossFit fitness company in the United States alone. Thus, it won’t be difficult for you to find a gym that offers fitness training that is aligned with the CrossFit system.

But if you don’t feel up to working out at a gym, that’s perfectly alright. You can download CrossFit workout videos and PDF files with detailed instructions and follow these routines at home. Many of these workout routines don’t even require that you own exercise equipment, although it would help if you have at least a kettlebell. You can even participate in the active and vibrant CrossFit community and come up with ideas for creating your very own CrossFit exercise.


If you’re bored and tired of going to the gym or if you don’t like going to the gym in the first place, you can try doing CrossFit workout routines. They are intense enough that you’ll need only few short minutes to complete a routine. You may be surprised at how much you’ve learned to like it and you will definitely see results in almost no time at all.