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Start with These Aerial Yoga Poses


Aerial yoga is known to many as a unique form of yoga that blends aerial arts and conventional yoga methodologies. This involves a series of Aerial yoga poses while the body is being suspended a few inches from the ground.

Aerial yoga usually counteracts the gravity. This helps in maintaining the proper posture of the body. This further improves the flexibility of the body as the muscles are relieved and the bone tension is prevented. Aerial yoga is different from any other yoga that you may have tried. The inversions are free from gravity that allows the arms, shoulders and the neck to relax while inverting.

Many people are enjoying on aerial yoga poses that are being done on the floor. They enjoy making use of trapeze, or sling that is suspended at the waist height. This is also the same material that is being used by aerialists and allows you to do conventional yoga postures.

This newest form of yoga is becoming popular to many because of its health benefits. This relied on the scientific theory that is called as the counter gravity. As compared to other yoga, this provides practitioners a room to stretching in each direction.

Yoga Pose that Uses Hammock

The body is being suspended from the ceiling through the use of climbing hooks. This mainly allows yoga practitioners of performing the most difficult stretches and increasing their flexibility.

Even though many people are performing aerial yoga poses in studios, they also start on complex equipments. They turn to yoga swings and yoga hammocks that are becoming popular these days.

By lifting the body using yoga hammock, this is proven to be beneficial to the whole body. This assists the body in attaining its proper alignment and deepening the consciousness of the person that is doing it.

The body is being weighed down by the gravity. Thus, compression is being placed on the spine and muscle tension is increased. There are many benefits that can be obtained from this aerial yoga poses that is part of the aerial yoga classes. A lot of negative effects are being reversed by this pose. Thus, the muscle tensions are released and the blood circulation is enhanced. This is one of the beginners yoga poses that you can follow through your yoga session.

Aerial Yoga Pose Infused by Beneficial and Beautiful Disciplines

In this aerial yoga pose, there is a fusion of beneficial and beautiful physical disciplines. This mainly incorporate dance, yoga, core work, ballet, balance training and strength conditioning. In this aerial pose, the spirit and body are being realigned through the use of a material. Thus, this allows you of gaining muscular tone, cardiovascular health and flexibility for a better life.

Aerial Yoga Swings

Included in the aerial yoga teacher training is the aerial yoga swing. The pose includes swinging the body that it is being taught by the instructor. The presence of an expert yoga instructor can guide you throughout the aerial yoga pose. However, make certain that you practice this yoga pose safely. This is for you to be able to get most of the benefits it has to offer.

These aerial yoga poses are helpful for you to live a happy and relaxed life!

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