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Healthy and Natural Fat Loss Tips

fat lossThere are some pillars of fat loss that certainly cannot be overstated. The main principle behind losing any weight or any kind of fat loss is to be at a caloric deficit. Whether you are going for moderate or extreme fat loss, the point is you have to be consuming less calories than you are burning. By creating that deficit, your body will tap into stored fat you have for fuel, which in turn leads to fat and weight loss. If you combine eating at a caloric deficit with exercise, you may be able to even create an environment in your body where rapid fat loss could happen. That being said, there is no magic bullet or special formula towards a fast track to  rapid fat loss. It takes patience, a lot of motivation and hard work to achieve your fitness goals when it come to creating a leaner physique. Don’t be fooled by some fat loss factor scam, because there are many out there that make it sound easy because rapid weight loss takes a lot of effort and discipline. As earlier said, let’s take a look at some of fundamental principles behind the basics of  rapid fat loss.

1. Eat 6 Small Meals a Day

Taking several small meals a day is becoming a common practice, and with good reason as nutritionists and health buffs alike are adopting this new philosophy and getting great results, and sometimes even at a rapid pace. The main hypothesis around this eating frequency is that a smaller meal can help one lose weight and absorb nutrients better. The frequent meals also have that thermic effect when we eat as our metabolism is boosted during each meal. Frequent meals also tell the body it does not have to panic, hence avoiding the storage of fat. That is the reason health experts use words like “graze” when describing how to eat for fat lose. You also get to train your stomach to feel full right away with less food consumed. Eating smaller meals more often stabilizes nutrient oxidization levels, making your body more efficient at burning food, so anyone who wishes to lose should adopt this eating habit. Eating smaller meals has also been shown to lower blood cholesterol.

In addition, nibbling throughout the day prevents hunger pangs from setting in. Going from lunch to 6:00pm or even beyond without food usually ends with a voracious appetite. This is a very bad way of eating since our metabolism can only handle a certain amount of nutrients in one sitting.

2. Try High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Time and again, high-intensity interval training is one of the proven ways to effective rapid fat loss. You’ve heard about their benefits forever and for good reason – they produce real results at a rapid or gradual pace. If you’re looking for a definite way to burn fat rapidly and lose some mass in the process, HIIT is the gold standard to follow. High-intensity interval training is more efficient also with time spent in caloric expenditure than a regular cardio workout. Not only will your body torch more calories during a HIIT session, but your workouts will also continue to burn more calories and fat hours after a HIIT workout session. Go on sprint interval workouts on a treadmill or go out and sprint hills, drag tires, push or pull sleds or even drag tires.

3. Lift Weights

It’s time to lift some heavy metal if you are truly serious about  rapid weight loss, so now’s the time if fat loss is your objective. Even if you start light and work your way up to heavier weights, gaining muscle is going to make you more efficient as a fat burning furnace. When it comes to exercise, you have to do resistance training to increase lean mass. Fat is burned inside our muscle tissues. The bigger and more massive our muscles, the more your fat-burning furnace will devour. Adding muscle boosts the size of the fat-burning furnace. This is the reason why when a pair of male and female decides to go on a workout plan, the male loses more mass faster than the female. That’s because genetically, the man is built to pack on more muscle which in turn contributes directly to faster fat loss.

4. Eat Fat

Believe it or not, we need fat and it can actually help fat reduction. Just like anything else we each have our individual tolerance to fatty foods. Fat has several unique hormonal effects that we have to understand. First, fat helps manage hunger through the release of hunger hormones. Second, fat also has a relatively neutral effect on insulin when it is consumed by itself. Also bear in mind that insulin is not an exclusive fat storing hormone. Fat intake releases a fat storing hormone too. Very low and restricted fat diets decrease testosterone and other important hormones and may cause low fat loss and impede muscle gain. The best approach is to eat your fat,(make sure they are good fats found in nuts and other omega rich foods) but don’t go over the top with it especially when it comes with starch and other high glycemic foods.

5. Reduce Stress With Yoga

Stress causes us to hang on to fat. Find ways to reduce your stress, doing relaxation activities such as yoga. Stress has been known to add to abdominal fat and other unhealthy conditions. Schedule a daily dose of Yoga, heading out for a little relaxation may go a long way toward helping you reach your fitness goals.

6. Keep a Journal of your Meals and Exercise or Download an App

One of the most significant ways to make sure that you continue to eat healthy and exercise right is to be aware of everything that do with your body. What better way to do that than with some of the apps made for the gadget you at all times have with you. Your smart phone can be empowered with these apps. There are lots of applications made for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PCs that put all that power to monitor your progress in your palm. One popular app that is free is Lose It! However, it does not really matter which app you use as long as it serves its purpose of tracking all your workout routines and diet. Let technology help in your battle against the bulge.


Don’t try your luck with fad diets, slimming pills or absurd weight loss machines. In order to lose weight, all you need is determination, commitment and the right choices.