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Meet Your New Bestfriend: Weight Loss Apps to Push Your Limit

weight loss appsOne of the best strategies for weights lose is to keep track of how you are doing. It is suggested that you keep a daily journal of how you eat, when you eat, and what you eat. The same holds true for exercise. Keeping a daily journal of what you do during each workout helps to monitor the progress you are making, and hopefully should inspire you to keep on at it. Weight loss apps help make doing these things a lot easier. Life can be very complicated, so you will need every little bit of help to keep yourself organized. What you can do is put weight loss strategies right in the palm of your hand by choosing the best weight loss apps for your Smartphone. There many weight loss apps out there, some are even free weight loss apps that don’t cost a dime. Let us take a look at some of the top weight loss apps you could choose from.

1. Lose It!

This well-liked app features a recipe builder, a free barcode scanner, as well as a broad database of food and activities. Users can add food to the database and keep tabs on nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Lose It! is free and is one of the most complete diet apps. This app automatically generates a daily “calorie budget” based on your settings. Enter data like your food intake and exercise output and the app will display your calorie deficit or surplus. Lose It! Works on both Android and iPhone platforms..

2. MyFitness Pal Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker

This app was reviewed by over 300,000 users on iTunes and nearly as many in the Android Market platform. This first rate app comes with a barcode scanner to see what is hiding in your desired packaged foods and it helps you come up with a total calorie count of what you eat every day. It also comes with a huge database that contains more than 750,000 foods. The app is free and works on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Phone platforms.

3. Endomondo Sports Tracker

This app is made for runners, bikers, and anyone with a workout that gets them outdoors. This hi-tech app makes use of GPS to track your routes and makes your everyday jog enjoyable again. Endomondo Sports Tracker is capable of recording data about your run, allowing you to see a Google Maps view, lap times, and even a workout history. If you are a serious runner you can upgrade to the $3.99 paid version that interfaces with Facebook and Twitter and is capable of getting data from heart-rate sensors and pedometers. Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry users can use Endomondo Sports Tracker.

4. WeightBot

If you desire a no frills, no-nonsense way to keep an eye on your weight, the $1.99 WeightBot is the app to get. Its simplicity is its single biggest asset. All you need to do is key-in your weight on the homepage and WeightBot will automatically come up with your BMI. Twist your phone clockwise and the app will show your weight loss on a graph. Turn your iPhone counter-clockwise and the app displays a bar graph detailing how much you still have to lose. WeightBot is password-protected.

5. FoodScanner

This app isn’t as complete as Lose It! and it isn’t free, setting you back $4.99. It does have a nice feature though. It comes with a UPC barcode scanner that makes it super easy to add foods to your daily log. The scanner works amazingly well and the app is capable of separating the items you eat into individual meals. Items that you cannot scan like produce and meat can be searched in the database by using keywords. FoodScanner displays your total calories ingested for the day, but you need to sign up for a free account at DailyBurn.com to see more detailed information..

6. Weight Watchers

The highly successful Weight Watchers which has been helping people keep track of their weight for over 50 years finally finds its way to your palm. The Weight Watchers app version is not new, but recent tweaks and upgrades to it have added lots of features. As an alternative to calorie counting, food value is based on the PointsPlus system, which factors in nutrition and calories. It’s also loaded with tips that offer you healthy options to make on some everyday food choices. These tips can be really informative for planning a “day off” that doesn’t compromise your hard work. The Weight Watchers app works with iPhone or Android platforms.

7. Fitocracy

This app offers that added little something to perk things up. Fitocracy simulates a game for your workout. You gain points as if you were playing a video game each time you workout. When you begin, you are able to personalize your experience by answering a few questions about yourself and your fitness goals. Some of these data can be open to the public, but Fitocracy allows you to keep hidden facts like your weight. Fitocracy users earn points each time they record a workout, App users can also participate in “Quests,” which are gym challenges designed to “shock” your body into workout cycles. Expect a cameo from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. The Fitocracy app works for either iPhone or Android platforms.

8. GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer

This iphone app for weight loss is great for workout newbie’s s who are ready to get into a workout or for anybody that is just looking for some fresh motivation. GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer has lots of moving images of actual people doing all sorts of yoga positions, strength moves, and aerobic exercises to show you how to do these things correctly. One more feature that makes this app great is that it will personalize your workouts to the amount of time you want, your fitness condition, as well as the parts of your body you want to isolate.


There are even more apps out there that can help you get nearer your fitness goals. Empower yourself thru your Smartphone by getting one or two of these apps so losing weight and keeping fit is a cinch.