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3 Yoga Band Exercises to Make Your Day

Practicing yoga band exercises is essential to making your day complete. Combining yoga and exercise will surely make your day alive and fantastic, feeling refreshed and renewed away from the busy hours at the office, or at home. The yoga poses can be practiced while incorporating a set of band exercises with stretch band.

However, it is recommended to try yoga band exercises along the presence of yoga class trainer or expert. This allows you of learning yoga band exercises properly.


Resistance band exercises

For trimmer and firmer thighs, resistance band exercises are the best yoga band exercises to follow. Many athletes are performing these exercises along the use of toning tool that increase the inner strength of the thigh by thirty percent.

By adding these yoga band exercises in your workout practice, they can help prevent injuries. They also help in strengthening, tightening and toning the problem areas of the body.

Standing Sweeps

Position oneself at the right side, next to the sturdy object or pole. The resistance band must be tied around the right ankle while the other end is tied around the pole. Afterwards, the left foot must be stepped back for the ease of “sweep” and movement.

Repeat for about fifteen minutes and switch the legs. The resistance must be increased while you keep on getting stronger. Make use of a tubing or thicker band for this exercise.

Pilate Resistance Band Exercises

Adding a sort of variation in pilate resistance band exercises is essential. By incorporating a resistance band into a workout, this helps in the increased engagement of the muscle fibers. This also helps in creating leaner and better muscles.

The Frog

One of the first things to do is to keep on lying on the floor. Then, bring the knees up until it reaches your chest. The resistant band must be positioned in order that the center part of the elastic is below your feet. The other band is also placed in each of the hands. The elbow is bent and is not straight.

The hands must be positioned near the knees. Hold the resistance band for as long as there is a room to where you can bend it out completely. Then, the neck and head must be lifted like doing a crunch. However, you need to stop before the shoulders leave the floor. Then, you need to take a deep breath until you extended the legs. Push next to the resistance band until all your legs are straightened.

While you keep on exhaling, bend all your knees gradually. Wait until your heels touch the backside of the thighs. Then, you can continue on repetition between six to ten times.

Leg Exercises with Stretch bands

Stretch bands may be incorporated as part of the yoga band exercise, particularly with leg exercises. There are a few leg exercises that can be followed as part of the stretch bands such as kickbacks, hip adbuctors, squats, calf extension, hip adductors and lunges.


This is proven to be extremely beneficial especially when incorporated with yoga. This is known as the king of all exercises. The feet must be positioned at a width distance of the shoulder. The tiptoes must be opened a bit from the outside. Now, you can be ready in performing squat.
Whenever you squat, make certain that the butt is being pushed out. This is to further prevent the passing of tiptoes to the knees. The knees must be positioned behind to further avoid injury on the ankles.


Lunges for leg exercises with stretch bands are perfect for anyone. Lunges can be done by using one leg at a single time. This also works in the same way as using the dumbbells. The leg must step on the elastic material while the handles are being held beside the shoulders. Then, one foot is step behind.

The distance must be adjusted in order that you kneel at an angle of ninety-degrees with your knees. Afterwards, push up until you return to the first position. Keep the back firm. Then, you need to chin up.


Kickbacks are known as a form of leg exercises that use stretch bands. In doing so, you need to start on your knees and hands on the floor. The stretch band must be anchored at the lower hook while the handle is being positioned under the foot. The leg must be extended for a kickback. Then, the glute must be squeezed at the last part of the movement.

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