5 Effective Ways to Get Six Pack Abs

Six Pack AbsMany of the folks at the gym who are passionate about fitness want to get six pack abs. It is one of the primary objectives of fitness freaks. A strong six pack abdominal washboard is also the most hunted facet of those who are in the professional bodybuilding. However, to talk about getting six pack abs is one thing and the effort required to get them is another aspect. Out of all the muscles in your body that you train, the abs are the toughest to train. Hence, it would require an individual to be loaded with determination, dedication & perserverance. Other than the motivational factor, technique and form are equally important.

There are many challenges that you may face on your journey to get ripped off & have the six packs. One of these challenges is wrong and misleading information. Many a times, you fail to differentiate the fact from fiction. There are some important practical things, that you need to do to get six pack abs. These things include having the right diet, proper excercise and a dedicated trainer. Below are the top 5 Effective Ways to Get Six Pack Abs which you can follow and get ripped.

1. Cut down your calories

In an interview for Shape magazine, Kim Kardashian said:

“I’d never say, ‘Take this and eat whatever you want or don’t work out.‘ That’s not realistic. To look and feel my best, I watch my calories and exercise. And right now, I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life!” 

As the glamourous Kim mentioned, cutting down calories is one of the most significant things to get in good shape. Many people have a notion that burning calories is all you have to do at the gym. It is a wrong notion because the food you eat actually contributes a lot to the calorie levels in your body. You can get the oil out of your body by working out but you can cut keep the calorie count low by the right food intake. When you ensure that you’re burning calories throughout the day & having the right food, you start losing excess body fat. This excess body fat will uncover your abdominal muscles. Many people also think that you have to train the abdominal muscles first. You can do that, but before that you have to remove the excess cover of body fat, so that you can start noticing the results.

2. Drink green tea

Another way to cut down fats is do activities that boost your metabolism. You can do cardio excercises that will boost your metabolism and burn calories. However, one of the most effective ways to boost your metabolism is the regular consumption of green tea. Green tea tastes delicious and can help you to boost your metabolism rate drasctically. In fact, according to Zeenews India:

“A new study shows that green tea extract increases the rate of calorie burning by the body. It reduces blood fat, cholesterol, bloated ness, detoxifies the body and suppresses untimely food cravings. Enabled with diuretic properties, it also eliminates excess water and thereby reduces excess weight.”

It is a great way to lose fat while enjoying a good beverage. You can have one cup after you wake up in the morning. Continue this process regularly and eventually you will feel more energetic. A fact about green tea is that it’s loaded with antioxidents.

3. Cut down on your alcohol intake

Alcohol does have a drastic impact on your capacity to tone your muscle. Alcohol is loaded with many empty calories. It also delays your body’s capability to deal with the food calories and this may lead to a storage of extra fat in your body. So reduce your alcohol intake as reduction of alcohol intake is one of the truths about getting six pack abs. After all you wouldn’t want to get that big beer belly!

4. Do the basic six pack abs exercises

Many people get pepped up and go for the advanced abs training routine. Such people eventually get tired and quite doing the abdominal exercises. The main reason why this happens is because they don’t do the basic six pack abs workout. When you begin with your abs exercise routine, you can do these simple exercises mentioned below.

a) Cardio exercises
Make a 20 minute workout plan. This cardio workout plan should include skipping ropes, spot jumps and basic stretching exercises. Some yoga exercises will be an added advantage to your cardio routine. Cardio exercises warm up the body and boost the blood flow.

b) Crunches
Lie down flat on the back on a matress. After this, pull your knees to the chest. Do this until you feel a mild tightening in your ab muscles. Do 50 repetations of this exercise. To add variation, you should keep one leg flat on the floor & pull the other knee close to your chest

c) Toning
There are plenty of exercises that you can do for toning your abdominal muscles. You can do the side stretches, bicycle crunches, desk abs, extended leg crunches and abdominal lifts. These basic toning exercises can help you to make your six pack look attractive.

5. Have a Personal Trainer

Now even if you follow all the four steps mentioned above, building the perfect six pack abs would be a difficult task. So joining a gym where you can have an attentive trainer is a good move. You can also have a personal trainer as personal trainers give you a perfect workout plan. This plan helps you to achieve your fitness goals in the right time. However, hiring a trainer could be expensive but it is certainly a great investment towards attaining your fitness targets. Most of the famous models and celebreties get ripped and have wonderful wash board abs because of their personal trainers.

So follow these simple steps if you really want to get those ideal six pack abs. These 5 ways of getting 6 pack abs, are more realistic methods that can contribute towards achieving your fitness goals.

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