3 Reasons Why You Can Slim Down with Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay ThaiMuay Thai Kickboxing is a combat sport from Thailand and is derived from the muay martial arts that use stand-up striking combined with clinching techniques. It is both a physical & mental discipline that uses combat on foot known as “the art of eight weapons” since it is distinguished by the combination of elbows, fists, knees, feet and shins. Gaining popularity in the sixteenth century, Muay Thai Kickboxing only gained global prominence in the twentieth century when several Thai fighters won over other martial arts practitioners in international competitions. Today, Muay Thai Kickboxing is one of the most revered martial arts in the world.

Expect major changes in your body when you take up Muay Thai Kickboxing. A lot of calories are going to be burned and you will also be building muscle in the process. The workout will also shift your metabolism into high gear. Here’s why:

1. Muay Thai Kickboxing is a total body workout

The movements of Muay Thai Kickboxing involve practically the entire body. Muay Thai vs Kickboxing has the former as a much better choice since it is a martial art that involves the whole body. Arm movements are plenty since you also have to solicit the involvement of your fists and elbows. It is also an excellent workout that gives your core a really grueling exercise. Muay Thai practitioners are known to have really whittled midsections with good definition. All the kick boxing tightens your abs. It is also essential that you have a strong core to perform all those kickboxing moves. Since a Muay Thai Kickboxing workout is a weight bearing discipline, this also adds to the slimming ability of the martial art as you carry your total body weight when performing the Muay Thai moves. You may liken the outcome of the martial art to the effects of a good circuit workout that burns body fat while you involve practically the entire body using compound movements that solicit different muscle groups to perform simultaneously. It is both aerobic and anaerobic. It tones the muscles, but also gets your heart rate high enough to provide a good cardiovascular workout. Muay Thai is able to effectively get your body metabolism into efficient fat burning mode. One final element that is very important to the total body workout is that Muay Thai Kickboxing provides the mental concentration required for the sport. Since the movements are very specific, body coordination is very important to execute this martial art properly.

2. Muay Thai promotes discipline

Like all martial arts, it involves regulation and control. Hopefully these principles will trickle down to your everyday life by allowing discipline to be present in other aspects of your health, such as diet and rest. Muay Thai Kickboxers are known to have very disciplined diets that promote their lean physique and overall strength. To stay slim, they eat lots of cereals and bread that are whole-grain, brown rice, wheat pastas, lean meats, beans, eggs whites, fish, potatoes, vegetables and fruits. Try to avoid or totally eliminate coffee, tea and alcohol because of the sugar they contain which can throw your metabolism out of sync. Avoid eating pastries, dairy derived products and fatty foods. Prepare meals by grilling, baking, barbecuing, boiling, steaming or microwaving. Never fry. Also make sure to adopt the rule of eating like a king for breakfast, like an ordinary man at lunch, and like a pauper for dinner. Discipline with what you eat will only reinforce your slimming efforts with the martial art.

3. Muay Thai Kickboxing promotes self-confidence

A positive attitude and generous doses of self-esteem are always key to anyone wanting a healthy body. Often times, the mental aspect of being and staying slim are not addressed by health and exercise experts. Everything begins with the mind and a sound attitude; what we desire and how we look at ourselves. A lack of self worth and confidence will always result in failed efforts to improve one’s health and appearance. Muay Thai is a martial art, and not an exercise. The training involves achieving certain goals and earning the respect of your peers and instructors. It is achievement-driven. It has the power to be positive and inspirational. It will keep you motivated and always thinking of progress and becoming better. The physical improvements you achieve will ultimately find itself influencing other parts of your life such as friendships, work, and other activities. It will be this positive outlook that will be crucial to becoming and maintaining a slimmer physique. It is a change bound to last since as it is a holistic approach, grounded on principles more deep than just ordinary workouts and exercises.

If you are interested in trying out Muay Thai, there are certain moves and techniques you have to follow. Try viewing some of Muay Thai Kickboxing videos around the web.

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