5 Boxing Workouts For A Knockout Body

Boxing WorkoutDo you want to have a healthy and knockout body? Boxing as a workout can help you achieve that ideal body by helping you tone up those muscles and lose weight through basic boxing drills. This type of workout can be physically demanding. You need to have a substantial amount of strength to perform the routine boxing workout. So, how do you prepare yourself for the boxing drills to achieve the ideal knockout body you are dreaming of?

Let me share with you the basic information on how to warm up your body for the boxing workout.

Warming Up for the Boxing Workout

Before anything else, it is best to warm up first before doing any activity or before working out. An ideal warm up lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes. Just follow the flow on warming up as provided by Rossboxing.com.

1. General warm up – This stage includes joint rotations and aerobic activity.

2. Stretching – This includes static stretches and dynamic stretches.
3. Sport specific activity — This includes mimicking sporting activity.

Boxing Drills You Should Do

There are different boxing drills that you can incorporate in your boxing workout plan. And we have picked the best 5 of these from Sheknows.com.

1. Skip Rope

Including skipping rope in your boxing workout will help you increase your cardiovascular strength and coordination.

• Keep upper body relaxed while jumping a quarter-inch off the ground.
• The rope touches the ground just in front of the tips of your toes.
• Maintain a slight bend in your knees.
• Let your wrists do the work and keep your forearms horizontal to the floor.
• Keep elbows close to your sides.
• If you trip up, get right back in your rhythm.

2. Torso Twist with Medicine Ball

A standing side-twist with a medicine ball will help you increase strength in the core.

• Depending on your fitness level, use a 5- to 15-pound medicine ball. Hold the medicine ball with both of your hands directly in front of you, keeping your arms straight.
• Stand with your back against the wall, legs slightly bent. Twist at the waist to the left, tapping the ball on the wall, then twist to the right. When you twist to the right, pivot your left foot and vice versa. Continue for two minutes.
Note: If you bend your knees a little more in a squat position, you will also work your quads and glutes as you work your shoulders and obliques.

3. Knees Up

The knees up will help you increase you cardiovascular endurance and lower abs strength.

• Standing on the floor, bring one knee, then the other, up to your waist, attempting to reach chest-high. All the while, move steadily forward around the floor in a circle, forward and backward or simply in place, depending on your space.
• Hands are held in “hands-up” position until 30 seconds before your rest period, then you “punch up,” throwing punches directly above your head and bringing knees up at a much faster pace until the timer goes off for your rest period.

4. Jump Squats

The strength of legs and core are likely to be improved by jump squats.

• Start in standing position with feet facing forward and shoulder-width apart, then drop into a squat position and immediately push back up into a jump; try to jump at least 1 foot off the ground.
• As you return to the ground, immediately drop back into the squat position, making sure knees don’t go past toes, then repeat the sequence.
• You may swing your arms to give your body momentum.
• This is an excellent anaerobic exercise that works your cardiovascular system and strengthens your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and even abs and back.
• If you get too tired before the two-minute timer goes off, continue with regular squats until your rest period.

5. Mini Push Ups

In this exercise, the triceps, deltoids and back, are mostly affected. Arm strength is likely to improve.

• Lie face-down on the floor, placing hands palm down right next to the shoulders. Keep elbows in and arms touching the sides of your body. Push your entire body up, then lower. Just rise only 6 inches off of the ground.
• Raise your entire body all at the same time, without arching your back. It is important to keep your arms in tight and close to the body.
• You can do these on your knees to start and work your way up to doing the push-ups on your feet.
• If your arms get too fatigued before the timer goes off, straighten your arms completely and hold your body up until you are ready to start the push-ups again.

All of these drills are part of a boxing workout routine. These exercises are basically the fundamentals of boxing workout. You may find some of these drills difficult to do, but with practice and perseverance, you can achieve what you want in no time. – a healthy and sexy knockout body. Ever heard of shadow boxing workout? You should try one now and see how this will help you! Good luck!

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