5 Common Workout Mistakes Most People Commit

Workout MistakesEither it be a fad or people have just been realizing that being fit is important, working out is starting to become a key part in people’s daily lives. A significant number of people invest in gym memberships and trainers to keep healthy and achieve the body they have always wanted.

And why shouldn’t they? Working out is so accessible, and there are numerous ways to achieve their fitness goals. Unfortunately, due to diversity and accessibility of workout programs, people end up confused causing numerous workout mistakes that people are usually oblivious to. With these exercise mistakes, instead of reaching their goals, people end up wasting their time.

According to Craig Ballantyne of Men’s Health Magazine, this is one major workout mistake to avoid.

“First of all, cut back on your volume. If you do fewer sets of each exercise you will have a lower risk of getting stiff and sore. But don’t worry, you’ll still get most of the fat burning, muscle building, strength boosting benefits of a regular full workout.

The next time you do a workout, do only one set per exercise (rather than the three sets that most workouts call for). The week after that, add another set and do two sets per exercise. Finally, in the third week, you’ll be ready to do a full 3 sets of each exercise.”

Many people put too much focus in the quantity of exercises they do. They think that it is always best to exercise longer and more often than usual. Unfortunately, this is not the case in working out. What is truly more important is the quality of your exercise, especially for those whose main goal in working out is to lose weight.

After a heavy session, your body should be given time to recuperate from all the energy lost and your muscles should be given time to regenerate for best possible results. Always remember that recovery is a vital part of fitness. It is good to push limits but balancing rest and exercise is the key to that body you have been wanting.

Speaking of quality, Liz Plosser of Prevention.com stresses the importance of correct form when doing your exercises.

“It’s important to focus on your form, even if that means lowering the intensity. “You recruit fewer muscles and burn fewer calories when you’re slouched over,” says Coopersmith. Same goes for strength-training, says James Levine, PhD, a scientist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, whose research has found that standing while lifting weights boosts calorie burn by about 50 calories per half hour. Best of all, one study shows that good posture allows you to take in more oxygen so your workout feels easier, even while you’re blasting more calories.”

People also tend to do workouts that do not fit their personality. Sure, constantly doing workouts of the same routine at first can get you in the groove. However, this is only good for long if you’re set on focusing on a certain sport or event. After a while, it will get boring, you’ll end up losing motivation. Here’s another piece of advice from Plosser:

“No matter how many calories an activity promises to burn, if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll be less likely to do it and won’t reap the benefits. Think of it this way: If you burn 300 calories every time you exercise, but you dread it so much that you skip one session a week, it adds up to 1,200 calories a month—or more than 4 pounds a year. Instead, find a workout you want to do, rather than one you feel like you have to do. When University of Nebraska-Omaha researchers polled women who’d been exercising regularly for longer than a year, they found that one of the top predictors of adherence was choosing enjoyable activities.”

There’s also the issue of diet. While you burn fats and calories during exercise, it does not mean that you can eat anything your heart (and appetite) desires without consequences. Always remember that for you to reach that fitness goal, your workout goes hand-in-hand with the food you eat. Zoe Ruderman of Cosmopolitan points this weight loss mistake in one of its Health and Fitness articles.

“A recent study found that people tend to overestimate the number of calories burned and underestimate the number of calories consumed. To keep yourself from eating so much your workout becomes pointless, make sure you check the label of whatever you’re eating and aim for something in the 150 calories or under range.”

And finally, I’d also like to give my own 2 cents on the topic of workout mistakes to avoid. Sometimes, people who start working up have no plan at all. They just do workouts randomly depending on what they feel like doing. One day, they spend a random amount of time running, and the next day they’ll lift weights. If you have no plan, you won’t be able to achieve your goal.

The thing is, working out and the results you get from it does not come from what you feel like doing, but rather, it comes from constant effort of quality exercise. Keep a set of overall body exercise and work on that consistently.

At the end of the day, despite working out being a personal thing, there are still rules to adhere to so that you can achieve your goal. There are tons of workout mistakes and weight loss mistakes that many are not aware of, even more than the list given above. It is best to be aware of what you do and the effects on your body. As with everything in life, you need balance and discipline in working out.

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