8 BOSU Ball Exercises to Improve Stability & Core Strength

Bosu ball exercisesAre you sick and tired of your usual routines with your exercise ball? Perhaps you can try your prowess and physical capacity with the bosu ball. It has been around since the turn of the millennium but it rarely gets much attention.

What is a bosu ball?

Have you ever wondered what those half balls with flat bottoms are in the gym or in your local sports shop?

The bosu ball is a type of exercise ball, the bottom of which is flat while the top most part is a squishy dome. You can use either the platform side or the squishy dome for exercising depending on what kind of activity you are eager to do.

Bosu ball exercises can range from balance, endurance, strength or stability. This is the best thing about bosu balls. It is very versatile. What sets it apart is that the user has to constantly find his center of gravity to keep his balance and keep himself from falling off the ball and in the process the upper and lower muscles of the body are constantly at work. It also improves proprioception, which refers to the body’s response to external forces when keeping our joints in proper places.

Another would be that it promoted kinesthetic awareness, which is the ability to determine the position of the body at any given time. As we age, we usually lose this ability to perceive. Being aware of this helps us better in finding our balance and keeping ourselves in such balanced position.

So exercises on bosu ball sounds exciting and challenging enough right? Now let’s get down to business and it’s about high time to try your hand on this equipment. As previously mentioned, there is a plethora of ways of doing bosu ball exercises.

Therefore, it may be best to classify them according to what they specifically target.

Bosu Core Exercises

1. Squats

Stand on the platform side of the ball and do the squats while keeping yourself balanced on top of the ball. This will really put your quads, glutes, hamstrings and core to an intense workout!

You can also do the squats on the dome side of the ball. The trick may be a bit easier if you are just keeping the squat position on the squishy ball. Squatting with the ball side down is really a piece of work.

2. Bicep curls

Standing again on the platform side of the ball, do some dumbbell upper body exercises. This will not only get your upper body working, but the core will be forced to keep the balance of the body while doing the feat! Two birds in one stone!

3. Sit ups

Using the dome part of the ball, keep the back flat on the ball while doing sit ups. Do not arch the back on the ball.

Bosu Cardio Exercises

1. Mountain climbers

Holding on the handles of the bosu ball on upside down position, try executing your usual mountain climbers. The ball will add resistance to the exercise which will exercise your core all at the same time.

2. Squat Switches

Using the dome side of the ball, one foot should be kept on the ball while the other planted on the ground. Squat down then boost yourself up using the legs to transfer to the other side of the bosu ball landing still on the squat. At all times, one foot should be on the ball while the other is on the ground.

Bosu Ball Ab Exercises

1. Crunches

Have your back supported fully by the ball then start doing your typical crunches to the extent that you feel your abs contract. You should lift your body up to 30 degrees on starting position.

You can make it more challenging by lifting one leg after the other or lifting both arms while doing the crunches.

2. Walk over press ups (From menshealth.co.uk)

Begin in a press-up position, with your left hand on the floor to the left of the ball, and your right hand placed in the middle of the ball, upper body lowered into a regular press-up position. As you lift back up, walk your hands over the ball by simultaneously lifting your left hand as you lift your body up, moving your bodyweight over the ball as you replace your right hand with your left. Then, place your right hand to the right of the ball as you simultaneously lower your upper body to the floor in a press-up motion.

3. Push ups

Liven up by your daily dose of push- ups by using bosu balls! With the dome at the bottom, hold on to the balls instead of keeping your hands flat on the ground while doing those push-ups. The hard feat of finding support on the squishy dome would make this feat harder putting more strain to your muscles.

Now you know what these half balls are really for. If you are looking for more challenges or for something that can work out a lot of your muscle groups, you may want to just innovate your usual exercise routines by using these bosu balls.

Regardless if you are on your advances years, or a bit on the heavy side or beginner, intermediate or pro physical trainer or fitness buffs, there will be an appropriate bosu ball exercise for you.

With the very intense and almost full body workouts using the bosu ball, you can cut your exercise time or for the more busy persons perhaps they can just squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise every day. You can also spare yourself from preparing different training programs for different training. So get your bosu balls ready, your favorite jam blasting, and some workout done!

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