8 Low Impact Workouts That Burn Fat Fast

Low Impact WorkoutIntense workouts are  good and effective, especially when it comes to burning calories. But these workouts can be quite dangerous to your joints if you do them very often. Luckily, you can have a back up workout that gives your body a break from intensity while still burning off unnecessary calories. This workout is called the low impact workouts, a method wherein you get to exercise as much as you usually do but iy does not put too much stress on your joints especially that which are located in your knees.

To know more about what a low impact workout really is, Laura Schwechwerl explains furthermore,

“…low-impact workouts are typically less hard on the body, especially our joints, and can be a great way to get in a heart-pumping workout while reducing the risk of injury. Most trainers define low-impact exercises as motions where one foot stays on the ground at all times. But rather than doing single leg deadlifts until keeling over, we figured it’d be best to round up 21 low- (or no!) impact exercises to keep things varied and full o’ fun.”

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? It’s the kind of exercise which puts less stress on your body than other workouts, yet it still provides you the same fitness effects given by intense workouts. In fact, even the low impact workouts routines themselves are quite simple too!

1. Walking

Yes, walking is included in this list. It is basic, yet it burns a lot of calories more than you can imagine. In fact, you can consider this as one of the best low impact cardio workout because it does not require much from you and it is easy to do anytime, anywhere! Imagine walking around the mall for 45 minutes; it won’t be quite taxing to think of it and your body won’t be stressed over it. But you see, in those 45 minutes, you are already able to burn 181 calories. Maridel Reyes of prevention.com tells you tips on how to make this low impact cardio workout effective for you,

“Walking engages almost every muscle in the body, says celebrity trainer Holly Perkins. If you’re an exercise newbie, start with an easy 10-minute walk in your hood and add 10% more time each week. Ready to upgrade your leisurely stroll to a calorie scorcher? Try speed changes— alternating slow and fast walking—or hike a hill. If you are walking on a curb, go up and down the step as you go for added resistance.”

2. In-line Skating

This is a very fun activity! Now, wouldn’t you want to enjoy your workout while having fun? If yes, then this should be the best for you. With in-line skating, you can burn 572 calories in 45 minutes. Just make sure that, when you use this as a workout, you have practiced well in using skates, and you should be in complete protective gear in case of possible accidents. Use this workout first at an area with flat surface such as a parking lot, and only when you have mastered the skills in skating can you go uphill to burn more calories.

3. Zumba

This is perhaps one of the most fun and highly effective low impact aerobic workout. Imagine burning at the least 350 calories while having fun for 45 minutes! Maridel Reyes also explains further the wonders of Zumba:

“…This vigorous dance workout provides ample distractions—fun music, lots of arm waving—so you may not notice how hard you’re actually working. Dancing is a good pick for people who already have a regular workout routine, says Pire. “A Zumba class will keep them on the exercise wagon,” he says. “Working out with a group is fun, and for some people, having friends with them in a class will make them stick with a workout.”

4. Rowing

Water is actually one of the best modes in which you can do your low impact workout. One of the activities which you can do in this platform is rowing. It takes the effort of your lower body while working your arms, back and shoulders. In a nutshell, rowing is a full on workout for your whole body.

5. Body Weight Training

One of the most basic indoor low impact workout routine is body weight training, furthermore best explained by Sara Gaynes of huffingtonpost.com.

“This is a great one,” says Cotton. Though many traditional body-weight moves could be seen as high impact, Cotton points out that there’s usually a modification that reduces the impact significantly.

“So with a push-up, start by pushing off your kitchen counter, working towards pushing off the table and then a chair as you get stronger,” he explains.

You can also try a class, like Pilates, says Sanders. “It’s great for strengthening your muscles and increasing your range of motion,” she says.

6. Cycling

Take your workout on the road by getting a bike! If you’re an outdoor kind of person, this should be fun for you. To keep it low impact, however, you have to be fitted for the bike; this is also to avoid knee injuries. Bike in moderate pace to lose 381 calories in 45 minutes! If you don’t exactly like the adventurous outdoors, you may also join spinning classes for your low impact cardio workout.

7. Swimming

Another fun water activity is swimming, a workout many of you enjoy. Sara Gaynes also explains swimming as such:

“Swimming is one of the ultimate low-impact workouts, but form is key. If you’re rusty or haven’t been swimming in awhile, there’s no shame in taking a few lessons so your technique is up to par.”

8. Yoga

This is not your typical workout that keeps you moving but the twists and turns in its routine are guaranteed to keep you fit and to burn all those excess calories! Aerial yoga is also available in some selected gyms, giving a new twist to one of your most basic low impact workouts.

There are still a lot of low impact workouts that you can do depending on your liking. Staying fit can be fun and diverse so explore your workouts and work hard on that body!

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