Choose Among These 3 Celebrity Arm Workouts

Celebrity Arm WorkoutYour arm workout routine is one of those routines you ought to try to focus on when you’re still in the early phases of your weight loss and bodybuilding journey. Many personal trainers would advise you to do so. Compared to the rest of the body’s muscle groups, the arms are relatively easier to tone and shape. Any changes to your arms are also more noticeable. So, when you see your arms becoming leaner and tighter, you’d be more motivated to push on and work harder towards transforming your body.

There are a lot of arm workout routines out there, but which of these are considered to be the best arm workout plan? Actually, it all depends on what you wish to achieve when it comes to shaping your arms.

Here are three of the most popular arm workout routines that you can try out depending on your goals for your arms.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Arm Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger is larger than life – that’s something that no one will be able to deny. And we’re not only talking about his Terminator physique here. Beyond being a champion bodybuilder, Arnold is also a Hollywood action star, a former governor of California and was once married to a member of the powerful Kennedy clan.

As for his arm workouts, the Gubernator is legendary as well. At the height of his bodybuilding career, Arnold stretched the tape around his arms to a record-breaking 22 inches. Imagine that!

Arnold’s personal workout routine back then had him working out at the gym twice a day, six days a week. His routine for his arms relied on shocking his muscles to break their resistance, varying intensities for his repetitions, prioritizing work on the weak points of his arms, and combining a chest and arm workout to force his arm muscles to endure more merciless strain.

The Austrian Oak himself stated in numerous interviews that his workout routine is not for newbies or the lighthearted. Nonetheless, here’s a simplified version of Arnold’s routine that will help you bulk up your arm muscles:

1. Cheating barbell curls, eight sets of 12 repetitions

2. Incline dumbbell curls, eight sets of 12 repetitions

3. One-arm concentration curls, five sets of 10 repetitions for each arm

4. Standing alternating dumbbell curls, five sets of 10 repetitions

The Tracy Anderson Arm Workout

Exercise guru Tracy Anderson is famous for helping celebrities like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez attain their sculpted forms. The highly disciplined workout routines that Tracy produced for these celebrities are one of the reasons why these stars are much hotter than many women in Hollywood who are half their age.

If you want to have the chiseled and defined look for your arms, then the Tracy Anderson Method’s arm workout is the one you must try out. Remember, though, that the Method requires discipline and persistence. One of the keys to following the Method successfully is increasing number of repetitions over time using light weights, around one to three pounds. Lifting a three-pound dumbbell may sound easy at the start, but wait until you’ve reached your 50th repetition. Ask yourself if you still care to take it to a hundred by then.

Still, if you push yourself through those numerous repetitions, you’ll definitely create definition for your arms. Moreover, you’ll feel stronger and you’ll have a more youthful appearance.

How does Tracy Anderson’s arm workout routine go? Here is the three-step beginner’s routine she outlined for Fitness Magazine:

1. Stand with your arms shoulder-width apart. While holding your weights, extend your arms to your sides at shoulder level. Rotate your arms in small circles 20 times backward and 20 times forward.

2. With your weights still in hand, bend your elbows and bring your hands to your shoulders palms forward. Lift your weights above your head and then bring them back to your shoulders. Do this for 20 repetitions.

3. Bring your weights to your sides with your palms facing backward this time. Bend your knees and your back slightly, and then lift your arms toward your back. Do this for 20 repetitions.

As mentioned earlier, one of the keys to the Tracy Anderson Method is repetition. Over time, you will feel comfortable with this routine. When you do, increase your repetitions to challenge yourself and break your muscles’ resistance to the workout.

The Kelly Ripa Arm Workout

If you don’t really want the ripped and sculpted look that your arms will get from the Tracy Anderson Method and simply desire a flabby arm workout that will tighten your arm muscles and give you more strength, you should try out Kelly Ripa’s arm workout instead.

Kelly Ripa, host of the morning show Live! with Kelly and Michael and considered to be one of the most powerful women in American media today, wowed the viewers of her show when she just showed up to work with amazingly slim and toned arm muscles. She was able to transform herself at age 37, giving her body a super-fit look that much younger women would die for. According to an interview, her reason for the transformation is to have the energy to be able to keep up with her kids.

The arm workout routine required to get Kelly Ripa’s arms is quite simple. Here it is:

1. While standing, hold a dumbbell in each hand. With the palm facing upward, lift one dumbbell in a curl towards your chest, and then bring your hand back down. Do this exercise for three sets of 15 repetitions on each arm.

2. In the same position as the first one, bring the dumbbell towards your chest. But instead of bringing your arm completely up, just hold the dumbbell with your arm parallel to the ground and then bring your arm back down. Do this for one set of 21 repetitions with each arm.

3. Still standing in the same position, bring your dumbbell completely towards your chest. But this time, instead of bringing your arm completely back down, hold the dumbbell until your arm is parallel to the ground and then pull your arm back towards your chest. Again, do this for one set of 21 repetitions with each arm.

4. Rest one knee on a bench. With the opposite hand, hold a dumbbell and pull it towards your back and then bring it back to your side. Carry this exercise out for three sets with 15 repetitions each and for each arm.

As you try to lose weight and tone your body, you should try to work on your arms. The arms are relatively easier to sculpt and, with a good arm workout routine, you’ll see results much more easily too. You don’t need arm workout machines at all. Just do the work, get motivated and you’ll see your arm change before your eyes in no time at all.

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