I am a Pilates Convert: 6 Benefits That Will Make You Change Your Mind

Benefits of PilatesMany of the Hollywood stars like going through their respective Pilates routines regularly. You can see the results of pilates exercises in the tight yet curvy bodies of Miley Cyrus, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna. They are a proof of how Pilates can be a really effective exercise. Many exercises evolve and go out of trend but Pilates has always been an effective one since its evolution. Further, you can see the 6 benefits of Pilates that will convert you into an avid pilates exerciser.

Benefits of Pilates Exercise

“I’m a Pilates person. It’s great. I had a hip problem. I had a chronic back, a pinched nerve and a hip problem and it’s completely solved all of it. I love it. It makes me feel like I’m taller.”Jennifer Aniston

So as the wonderful Jennifer says, there are many benefits of Pilates Exercises. They help you to keep the body fit, develop strength, keep you healthy & help women during pregnancy. So let’s take a look upon six of the main benefits of Pilates exercises in depth.

1. Pilates is a Complete Body Fitness Exercise

One of the main benefits of Pilates exercise is that it is a complete body workout. Unlike other exercises that focus on some body parts and neglect others, Pilates take care of your overall physical development. Pilates exercises focus on core strength as well as they train your body as an incorporated whole. Pilates exercises also focus on balanced muscle development. It also develops the body’s flexibility & increase the motion of the joints. You will hardly find any other form of exercise that provides such a balanced & effective result. As very few types of exercises deliver the kind of results that Pilates do. Hence, doing Pilates exercises regularly will ensure a smooth body motion, develop strength and sound health.

2. It Develops Strength without Bulk

One of the prime benefits of Pilates exercise is that it helps you to build long and lean muscles without bulking up. The goal of Pilates is to help you build toned muscles. It focuses on building the functional areas that a person uses through his or her day to day life. Most of the traditional workouts tend to bulk you up. The reason for this is the consistent rule of repetitions when you perform the conventional exercises. This leads to stronger but bigger muscles and swings you away from getting toned. Pilates exercises don’t rely on a lot of repetition & hence, it keeps you from having overgrown muscles.

3. Benefits of Pilates for Women in Pregnancy

Apart from toning the body, Pilates help women a lot during pregnancy. Many women feel clumsier and off balance during pregnancy. The reason for this is the change that occurs in their posture and balance. Pilates has shown that it helps to improve balance and thus, it makes women feel less clumsy. It also helps them to walk without swinging from one side to the other. Pilates exercise also uses the deepest level of a woman’s tummy muscles. This helps the woman to stabilize her back & pelvis. Many of the Pilates exercises can be performed on the hands and knees. This is actually an apt position for a women during pregnancy. Also, adopting this kind of position can help women to move some strain off their back & pelvis. The focal point here is that Pilates targets the exact muscles & function that may be a problem during pregnancy & after birth, both in a totally safe and secured way.

4. Important Health Benefits of Pilates Exercise

Pilates are of major health benefit to heart patients. There was an experiment conducted on heart patients with regards to Pilates exercise. They underwent the Pilates training along with half an hour of aerobic exercise. The results were great as it showed an increase in their exercise time, peak oxyden consumption, O2 pulse and ventilation during a 16 week study period which was compared with the ones who did the aerobics combined with traditional cardiac rehabilitation. So a heart patient can combine aerobics with Pilates and get in good shape while maintaining a healthy heart.

5. Pilates Increase Awareness | Body/Mind Connection

Joseph Pilates also called the Pilates exercise as contrology. He believed that it is a form of exercise that leads to the complete co-ordination of the body, mind & spirit. This is a secret about Pilates exercise, you practice every movement with absolute attention. When you exercise this way, your body & your mind comes together to deliver the best benefits. The Pilates exercise principles include precision, flow, breath, control, concentration and centering. These are also the key concepts to combine the body and the mind.

6. Benefits of Yoga with Pilates

These days many people believe that the combination of hatha yoga & Pilates works really well. Both are systems of integrative exercise that are quite sophisticated and have many things in common. Hatha yoga also consists of the six pilates principles; precision, flow, breath, control, concentration and centering. However, Pilates & yoga are quite different from one another as well. But the best part is that these differences complement with each other quite well & make both of them a great team.

Thus, Pilates exercise is one of the best forms of exercise for balance, co-ordination and strength. However, it is advised that you perform your Pilates routine under the supervision of a proper trainer who can guide you systematically.

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