Intermediate Training: Lose Weight with this MMA Workout

mma workoutMixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is fast becoming an ideal form of exercise with or without the motivation of competition. It requires a lot of total body conditioning and a good MMA body routine can have dramatic effects on your overall fitness when done effectively.

Fightersdirect.com outlines The 9 Key Components an Effective MMA Workout Must Have. Among them are the following key components that you might find interesting:

An MMA workout program doesn’t make you too sore. – Unlike bodybuilder and powerlifter workouts, your MMA routine should generally make your body sore, so that you will be able to effectively perform the MMA techniques with proper form. Since the body tends move in a way that avoids pain, soreness might cause you to perform specific moves incorrectly.

An MMA workout program that doesn’t demand more than 3 days a week of strength & conditioning. – According to fightersdirect.com, anything more than those 3 days would detract from the MMA skills training. This surely comes as a welcome thought for those who are afraid of committing to MMA workout routines.

Exercises that will train all 8 biomotor abilities: strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, co-ordination, balance, and flexibility.

If you plan on getting a trainer to make sure you have the best MMA workout routine, you can feel free to refer to the 9 key components so that you are aware if you are truly getting the best MMA workout routine possible. In any case, livestrong.com has some suggestions for simple MMA workouts that you can try. With a little modification of amping up the intensity, you can even turn them into a great MMA cardio workout.

Heavy Bag Sprawls – This is a good cardio challenge that will work out your legs and shoulders more than regular heavy bag workouts. Start with a Muay Thai comb. You can try a right kick, left cross, right hook, and left kick, to start. Then bring your body down to the mat, as if you’re lying down and then jump right back up to your feet and back to your stance. Repeat. Try to do it faster as you go along.

Wheelbarrows – Get a partner. Go into a push up position and then get your partner to hold your ankles up to his waist. Walk as fast as you can across room on your hands. Then switch places with your partner. For a challenge, add a push up with every step that you take.

Fireman’s Carry – Start with a fireman’s carry wrestling throw by controlling the inside of your partner’s right arm with your left hand, then ducking to control your partner’s right leg with your right hand so that your partner’s weight is across your shoulders. Instead of throwing your partner, just stand up with your partner’s weight. Make sure to keep your back straight and lift with your legs. Walk across the room with your training mate in tow, then put him down, the switch places and have him walk you back.

Heavy Bag Sit Ups – Sit on the floor and place the heavy bag between your knees and in front of you. Grip it with your knees, and every time you sit up, strike it with your elbow, alternating the sides each time. Turn your torso each time you strike so your entire core is included in the workout.

You can take it a few steps further and try out this workout from mensfitness.com. It follows the MMA workout routine of WEC fighter, Jens Pulver. It consists of 5 5-minute stations of exercises which he performs back to back, with 60-second rests in between. Each station’s exercises have to be done repeatedly until the 5 minutes of the station are finished. This is designed to simulate 5-minute, 5-round fights.

Warm-up: Sprint 25 meters – Walk back to start – repeat 5 minutes

Station 1: Do 15 reps for all exercises

  •  Push-Ups
  • Jumping Jacks
  •  Bench Dips

Station 2: Do 10 reps for all exercises

  •  Heavy Bag Burpees
  • Burpee Clean and Press/25-lb. DB
  • Burpees w/ 15-lb. DB
  • Burpees

Station 3: Do 10 reps for all exercises

  • Fast High Knees
  • Mountain climbers
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Plank Jacks
  • Split Lunges

Station 4: Do 10 reps for all exercises

  • Squat
  • Squat w/Overhead Press
  • Tricep Press –
  • Shoulder Circles – 10X each direction
  • Bicep Curls
  • Push-Outs
  • Bent Over Rows

Station 5: Do 10 reps for all exercises

  • Med Ball Touches
  • Tire Sledge
  • Power-wheel Rollouts
  • Band Pulls/Snap Downs

Grip Work:

  • Thick Rope Pull-Ups – 10X
  • Tennis Ball Pull-Ups – 10X
  • Plate Pinch – Hold two plates (25 lbs and 35 lbs) together for as long as you can.

• Repeat all Stations, doing 3 sets total

This particular workout routine was designed to train the body’s capacity to perform under pressure and extreme exertion, regardless of fatigue. It may be a bit extreme for beginners to try on the first go, but once you build yourself up, you should be able to do this yourself. You can consult your trainer to do this work out safely and make sure that you will not injure or over-exert yourself in the process. In any case, you will definitely lose weight with this MMA workout routine.

The total body conditioning from an MMA workout routine can help make you stronger, faster, more agile, and more powerful; as well as more coordinated, flexible, and balanced. With a good MMA workout routine, whether training for a competition or simply for the sake of fitness, you can lose that extra weight and gain a fitter you in the process.

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