Mommy Woes: 4 Known Ways to Lose Baby Weight

lose baby weightPregnancy is always a source of joy for everyone. It is also a very justifiable excuse to indulge in everything that a woman wants. After all, it is all for the health of your child, right?

The problem is after the baby is born. It is when all the horrors of the mom’s over indulgence appear. More than just the problem of sleepless nights spent taking care of your offspring, mommies also have another baggage to solve, and that is how to lose baby weight after pregnancy.

Lose baby weight? Yes, regardless of whether you are a working or being a full time mom, it is always best to go back to your pre-pregnancy stature because it is easier to move around, do your chores, and fit right back into your old clothes. But what makes it more challenging than your usual loss mission is that you can’t just choose to ditch some food for the figure friendly ones. Why? Because you have to feed your little one and of course we always want the best for the kids!

So more than at any other time of in your life, it is now that you have to be wiser and more careful in choosing ways to lose that excess heaviness. Going for a crash diet is a definite no-no when you want to lose that inconvenience. In the same vein, extremely strenuous physical activity is discouraged primarily because of two reasons. One is that you have just come from a major operation and you would not want any of your stitches opening up because of force. And two, you already have your hands full on taking care of the little one, so longer hours in the gym or physically taxing activities are out of your options.

There are many ways on how to lose baby weight without sacrificing the nutrients for the little one. Here are some of the tried and tested pieces of advice:

1. Breastfeeding

This is the best, widely known and astoundingly successful way to lose weight in this department. The question now is how to lose baby weight during breastfeeding? The act of breastfeeding burns about 500 calories. So you should regularly nurse your young ones instead of switching to formula milk immediately.

2. Proper diet

Just like in any weight loss program, there are musts and must nots in dieting. But if the specific purpose is to lose baby weight, then one of the things that you should take into consideration is to take in more of the food that is not only healthy but one that induces milk production. This will mean hitting two birds with one stone: you can lessen the fattening effect of what you are consuming and at the same time you are fueling the activity (i.e. breastfeeding) that also burns a lot of calories. Kidspot.com.au suggests these highly recommended food to eat for mommies:

• Wholegrain breads, pasta and rice – which are packed full of fibre and nutrients.

• Lean protein, such as fish, chicken, tofu, nuts, eggs or pork – protein helps you stay fuller for longer and encourages lean muscle formation.
• Smoothies – great for adding fruits, seeds and oats too to ensure you are getting a wide range of nutrients.

• Vegetables – these are packed full of fibre and nutrition and help to boost your metabolism; foods such as broccoli actually burn more kilojoules in its digestion than what it contains.

• Metabolism boosting foods such as garlic, chilli, cinnamon, ginger and green tea.

On the other hand, the following food should be avoided or at least taken in moderation:

• White processed breads, rice and pasta – which are devoid of nutrition and fibre.

• Too much red meat – as this is high in saturated fat; limit your consumption to two serves a week and make sure it is lean cuts.

• Junk food – full of sugar and fat, it will play havoc with your blood sugar and contains no nutrition.

• Sugary energy drinks – also full of sugar and give you zero nutrition.
• Alcohol – it’s high in calories and drinking it leads to making other poor food choices.

3. Do some easy exercises

As previously mentioned, strenuous activities are to be avoided since the body is still recovering. You don’t want to doze off even before your child has been fed. Aside from the usual walking as well as other exercises that can be done right in the comfort of your own homes, you may also try strengthening or cardio exercises. Why? Because it means that your muscles will be well-toned and sculpted. More muscles mean more calories burning so it will not only help you shed some unwanted flabs, it will also keep you away from unsightly sagging flesh.

Another recommended exercise routine is one that is centered at the core of the body. As we all know, it takes time before mommies lose the bump. It will help them build up and tone the core muscles getting rid of these love handles. Perhaps, Pilates will be a good workout for our mommies.

On the more practical side, it is also best to still continue your daily household chores. It keeps you busy and moving. And it will not feel like you are working out at all!

4. Drink plenty of water

Drinking sufficient amount of water promotes the metabolism of the body. Moreover, breast milk is also chiefly made of water so it is best both for the baby and the mother.

To lose baby weight is no easy task, especially because you have to think not just about yourself but the newborn as well. More than in any other physical training goals a mom can ever engage in, this is the hardest and most crucial point, so it is better to plan it out carefully and enjoy it as well. It may mean depriving yourself of some food or taking extra time to sweat it out, but it is definitely possible and will definitely be worth it because it will keep both mommy and baby healthy. And finally, it will be a significant boost in your self-esteem and will help you in doing your work with ease and grace!

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