The Best Bicep Workout for Mass

Bicep WorkoutMajority of the people who work out have their own aesthetic purposes apart from whatever compelling reason (like health problems) that prompt them to get into physical training. They want to look buff and fit it with their bulging biceps when wearing fitted shirts. Surely, after all the hard work of sweating it out until your limp with exhaustion and all the tantalizingly delicious food you decided to skip because of your workout, you’d want others to see the results of your sacrifices too.

Biceps are the muscles in the forearm or upper arms. It has two distinct parts but they work together as one strong muscle. The biceps are primarily responsible for the arm movements from forearms to shoulders to the palm up and palm down position of the hands. Generally, your biceps are for flexing the elbow and the forearms.

More than just the aesthetic purpose of bulking up, there are other benefits of developing the biceps. Livestrong.com points out that working out your biceps boosts the upper arm strength of a person, making it easier for him to engage in physically taxing activities. In addition, it also contributes to the development of endurance and resistance to injuries.

There are a lot of bicep workouts out there to choose from but of course the best bicep workout will still be those exercises that specifically target the biceps. The best way to achieve this is to engage in bicep workout with weights. The most helpful exercise equipment for you will be dumbbells and barbells.

Here are some bicep workouts for mass which you may want to try for those dram biceps!

1. Standing curls

This exercise can make use of either barbell or dumbbells. It targets the biceps and the forearms. It is best to keep the weights within tolerable level so that you can execute this routine slowly.

If you are using dumbbells, you can use one for each hand, if you are using a barbell lift it by underhand grip then let it hang first. With feet and shoulder apart and elbows kept close to the torso, lift the weights slowly then back to original position.

2. Chin ups (From muscleandstrength.com)

This back and bicep workout does not only target the biceps but also the surrounding muscle groups. With any secured straight or chin up bar,

“..reach up and grasp the bar so that your palms are facing you and about 6” apart. Pull yourself upward, keeping your legs raised/crossed so that you do not touch the floor when you lower yourself. It’s important to get your chin up over the bar so that your arms are fully flexed. Maintain the tension as you lower yourself, and avoid relaxing once you get to the bottom of the rep.”

3. Hammer curls (From muscleandstrength.com)

Biceps should not only be the focus of your routine. This exercise puts an emphasis on some of the muscle groups of your forearms, too. Just like how you swing a hammer, this is done by:

“..lifting the weight and curling it upward without rotating the weight or forearm to the point where the weight is almost touching the shoulder of your lifting arm. The palms must be facing in toward the body and the elbows should remain tucked in with the body and upper arms remain stationary.”

4. Cable curls (From bodybuilding.com)

“The target of this exercise is the deep tissue muscle fibers. As the name suggests, this is done by grasping low pulley cable bar with shoulder width under hand grip and must be standing close to the pulley. You can use a variety of different attachments to perform the cable curls including a rope, a straight bar, or rotating cable handles that allow you to work a single arm at a time.”

5. Concentration curls

This exercise isolates biceps. This is good for getting the peak contraction in the muscles, making it a good one to add in when nearing the end of a workout. A dumbbell, preferably the lighter weights, is used here while seated at the end of an exercise bench with your legs spread. Proper exercise form should be observed to avoid injuries.

These look great right? The key to an effective bicep workout is to always focus on the maximization of contractions for the muscles involved. Always feel the squeeze as it is the most reliable sign that your target muscle groups are indeed worked out by the task.

When doing workouts for the biceps, it is also important to exercise your full range of motion to allow all the muscles in your bicep muscle group to fully develop. In other words, form is key to building your muscles. So whenever you are lifting, the spine should not be leaning forward or backward, neither should it move while lifting. If you observe that your spine is moving that is a sign that you are not doing the exercise properly.

In addition, for those who are not just into isolation exercises (meaning those that targets only one specific muscle group), it is better to start off the workout with compound exercises (those that target various muscle groups). By involving the other muscle groups before moving on to those routines exclusively for the biceps, you will be able to really feel and use a lot of the bicep strength and muscles because all the other muscle groups are exhausted. So the next time you hit the gym, you’ll know what to do in order to get that toned bicep that will be the envy of many!

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