Tone Yourself in the Pool: 5 Water Exercises for Weight Loss

Water ExercisesAre you a fitness enthusiast? Do you love to wade in the water and swim like a fish but you think that you are way too stocky or you don’t even know how to swim?

If your answer to all of them is yes, then this may just be your next piece of heaven. But non-swimmers need not discard this option as this is not just about swimming. In fact, a lot of these water exercises do not require swimming at all!

Since time immemorial, swimming has been considered not just as a sport, but among the suggested solutions for diseases such as asthma. This is also considered as a good form of exercise because the whole body is being worked out. Plus, swimming comes with a lot of perks, as there are way too many things that one can do like diving, snorkeling, triathlon, water polo, etc.

Other than swimming, there are water exercises developed for various purposes. Yes, yes, this of course includes the perennial problem of losing weight. Water exercises for weight loss is relatively new in the world of weight loss. But for those who do not really know how to swim well, this may still be the thing for you because there are water aerobic exercises that do not entail swimming.

Why should you try water exercises?

Movement in water naturally meets resistance, so even if the activities may feel a bit low-impact compared to your average exercises, the resistance strengthen and build the muscles. The fats that the muscles burn in the process will definitely set you on the right track to your ideal built. As a result, you don’t just shed body fats, it also tones muscles.

Here are the 5 most common and effective examples of water aerobic exercises:

1. Water walking (from 3fatchicks.com)

This is one of the shallow water exercises that can be done by any person. All you need is waist-high water, and then you can just walk from end to end of the pool. Be sure to keep proper posture and to walk naturally. This is good for the muscles in the shoulders, arms, abdomen, upper legs and back.

For more resistance, you can try using hand webs. More resistance entails more burning of fats to the working muscles.

As you get used to this, you can start doing it in deeper water and you can put on more challenge by putting a water noodle between your legs ensuring that it is higher in the front than in the back.

Taking it one level higher would mean jogging or jogging in place, you just have to make sure that the knees are kept high enough for maximum fat burning.

2. Kickboarding (from 3fatchicks.com)

For those who have undergone swimming lessons, they must be familiar to this activity. With the aid of a kickboard, the arms and upper torso are placed on the kickboard then wade around the pool by kicking.

3. Arm exercise using water weights (from Mayoclinic.com)

This works very much like the ordinary lifting of dumbbells and barbells. But this time, the weights are foam barbells that are kept submerged in the water for best resistance. This can be done in shallow waters (waist deep water).

4. Punches (from Healthyliving.com)

In neck deep water, you can assume the proper boxing form then start punching in various angles with your left and right hands under water. This is a great simulation of boxing with real life punching bags!

5. Leg exercises using a noodle (from Mayoclinic.com)

Knot a water noodle on your ankle followed by straightening the leg then flexing the knee on 90 degree angles with your body.

Looks fun right? What’s more is that you won’t easily get exhausted when doing water exercises than when doing aerobics exercises on land, for example. So you don’t just do some exercises, you can probably work twice as much as you do on land when you do it on water.
Aside from that, these water aerobics are also recommended for those who are injured (on physical rehabilitation), pregnant women, and those suffering from degenerative diseases because the movements are easier under water than in normal circumstances.

There are formal classes offered for these kinds of exercise like underwater Zumba or just basic stretching. So, for the newbies, perhaps it would be best to attend one of these classes first to get the drift of what to do and what not to do. Classes could be goal specific like classes for weight loss, arm workouts, and so on. There are also group classes based on age, health conditions, gender, etc. It is best to find your own niche to be able to get the most that these water exercises can offer.

What’s truly great about this type of exercise is that it puts more fun and challenge to your average workout. The best thing is that you don’t feel so spent after just a few hours of working out because you are submerged underwater. And finally, the water does not just provide the much needed resistance, but it also allows you to work out in a much cooler environment.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the next water aerobics with your friends for even more fun!

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