WHAT’S HOT? Get That Ripped Body with Miley Cyrus’ Workout

Many women may get critical, but the fact is they do wish that they had the capability to achieve the physical form Miley Cyrus has achieved. However, they wouldn’t want to push themselves to the extent Miley Cyrus did. Not all women desire to lose a lot of weight due to the effort required to get in shape. But many would want to lose some amount of weight to have a slim chance to look like Miley. The main reason Miley has achieved such a fit body is because of a gluten-free diet. The other reason is her workout routine. The singer visited the local gyms regularly and stuck to a systematic workout plan. Miley has also said that commitment and persistance has helped her in achieving the fit body she currently has. Further, let’s take a look upon Miley Cyrus’ workout plan, her workout routine and her diet.

Miley Cyrus Workout Plan

The first step of Miley’s workout plan is the pilates exercise. Miley attended a lot of Mari Winsor’s Pilates in Los Angeles. She currently attends it nearly six days in a week for one hour everyday. Pilates exercise is a great workout to strengthen your abdominal muscles and tone your stomach. It leads to the strengthening of the deeper abdominal muscles as well. This means that the food sucking muscles get strong. It’s an overall body exercise that strikes a fine balance between the inner as well as the outer body. Apart from gaining strength, pilates are also a safe form of exercise. If you do pilates keeping the right form, they work quite effectively and give results faster. Hence, many of the celebrities make the pliates exercise as an integral part of their workout routines. You can try doing it as well. You can perform a moderately difficult pilate exercise for five minutes daily. This will help you to develop core strength. Many people call this exercise as “Open Leg Balance”. You can follow the instructions below as Miley did the same to get ripped:

a) Sit tall on any flat surface along with your sit bones. These are bones that you feel the moment you sit on a flat and firm surface.
b) Bring your feet towards your body. Keep the knees open & keep the feet together. Then, move the arms & it must be inside of your legs.
c) Hold your ankles.
d) Give more attention towards lifting the lower abdominal muscles and pull your abs in.
e) After this, extend either of your legs & keep it steady there. Then, extend the other leg too. Please ensure, you don’t make any of your movements sitting on your tail bone.
f) Now balance there & hold for five seconds.
g) Now be careful and with complete control, fold both of your legs, one at a time.
h) Make a check of your body posture once again & repeat this process atleast three to four times a day.

Miley Cyrus Diet Plan

Now, before we know about Miley Cryus’ diet plan, Miley’s got a a message for all of us which she tweeted: “Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing. You won’t go back!”

So now you realize that a lactose and gluten-free diet is the main secret behind Miley’s wonderful figure. Miley also tweeted about her gluten-free diet several times. She has suggested many poeple she came across to try this sort of diet at least for week’s time. She has also mentioned tha the results one can see after following this diet would be quite positive. The person would get healthy, physically as well mentally. Being gluten-free also helps your skin texture to improve. Gluten’s a protein found in barley, wheat, triticale and rye. So the main objective is to get rid of this kind of protein. Such a diet is a prefered one for the treatment of celiac diseases. For Miley Cyrus’ diet, there are some foods you should have and few which you should strictly avoid.

The recipe of Miley Cyrus’ diet:

1) 1/2 cup of coconut water
2) 1/6 cup of strawberries
3) 1/4 large lemon and one tablespoon of spinach
4) two ice cubes

Then, mix all the ingredients in the blender and keep it on medium speed just for 30 seconds.

Foods allowed to eat:

• Dairy products
• Beans, seeds, nuts (unprocessed)
• Fruits and vegetables
• Poultry
• Fish
• Fresh meats
• Fresh eggs

Few grains:

• Teff
• Tapioca
• Sorghum
• Buckwheat
• Arrowroot
• Millet
• Corn
• Flax
• Soy
• Rice
• Amaranth
• Quinoa

Foods to be avoided:

• Avoid wheat & any of its products like semolina, graham flour, spelt, farina, kamut, durum flour and bulgur.
• Barley & barley products like malt & malt vinegar.
• Triticale

Miley also indulged in some foods but with the ones that were labeled gluten free like any gravies, sauces, potato tortilla chips, salad dressings, matzo, soups, veggies in sauce, french fries, crackers, oats, pastas, cookies, pies, cakes, beer, candies and bread

Further, let’s also check what Miley Cyrus’ daily workout routine was.

• Elevated Clams
• Criss Crosses
• Scissor Kicks
• Double Leg Lifts
• Big Circle Leg Rotations
• Small Circle Leg Rotations
• Bicycle Kicks
• Leg Lifts

Hip Twisting Butt Ups

Same routine as Monday

It’s the same routine as Tuesday

It’s the same routine as Monday

It’s the same routine as Tuesday

Apart from this exercise, Miley also used to ride bicycle, dance for hours and have protein smoothies. Now you have the diet plan and the workout routine of Miley Cyrus which will help you get in shape and be fitter than ever.

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