Your Swimsuit-Ready Summer Workout

summer workoutSummer is just around the corner and the skimpily clad are going to be everywhere soon. Are you one of those planning to switch to a wardrobe showing more skin? If you are, then you are certainly one of countless other individuals that are looking forward to enjoying the outdoor summer activities. If that is the case, then it isn’t too late to devise a summer workout program, to make sure you look your absolute best. Chances are, if you are like the vast majority of those who will embark on a summer workout, you are going to want to lose weight. That being the case, a summer body workout will entail both a cardio plan as well as some basic muscle toning exercises. Your summer workout plan will likely have some running or jogging to shed some pounds as well as some circuit type of workout with weights to ensure maximum weight lose as well as some minor body sculpting.

Below is a suggested summer workout schedule and routine that you could adopt or use right off the bat. But first, here are 3 reasons why you should have a summer schedule for the most benefit in your quest to have a beach body ready soon from active.com.

1. Consistency

Many failed attempts to lose weight can be blamed on the lack of a commitment to a summer program schedule as elaborated on below.

“Life happens in sometimes very unpredictable ways, but we always make it to work or to doctor appointments. Unless you schedule your workouts in the same way you might fall off the exercise wagon rather sooner than later due to simply “being busy.”

Reaching your weight loss goals requires consistent effort. A random walk around the block may temporarily relieve your guilty conscience, but it certainly won’t melt that stubborn belly fat. Choose specific days and times for your physical activity and stick to them. Before you know it you will be celebrating the mile stones of your gradual progress.”

2. Frequency

How often you do a routine is also very important, which is why a summer schedule helps since it establishes a routine.

“Although it is important to fit your workout schedule around your other obligations, you can hardly expect to get a six-pack from doing ten crunches once a week. If you are serious about slimming down, or toning up, you have to be realistic and put in enough effort to make it happen. Working out less than three times a week might help with weight maintenance, but in order to keep your metabolism in over-drive you have to commit to working out on at least four to six days a week.”

3. Efficiency

It is a fact that we are all trying to cram some things into a day that always seems a tad short on hours. A summer workout schedule makes sure your precious time spent working out is used efficiently.

“Science has come a long way, even in the fields of exercise and weight loss. Instead of wasting your time with boring workouts that fail to produce the desired results, you can now take advantage of proven formulas. The fitness master minds behind sculpting the hot bodies in Hollywood have figured out that it is possible to achieve dramatic results in a short time period without plastic surgery. They had their clients tweak their workout frequency, intensity and nutrition to reach their optimal results.

While the basic equation of weight loss equals reduced calories consumed minus calories burned still applies, the perfect timing, intensity and frequency of your workout can dramatically speed up your results. But not to worry, you don’t have to figure these factors out for yourself. There are plenty of effective workout programs available that take the guess work out of successful training.”

Having established these 3 principles behind following a  summer workout schedule here are a couple of links to two workout schedules that are both designed to help you lose weight while also getting in better overall shape. One is a summer activity designed for women from fitnessmagazine.com and another is tailored specifically for men from muscleandfitness.com. If neither is suitable to your fitness goals, below is a non-gender specific routine from active.com. Follow this summer program and schedule for a month along with a sound diet plan and you are guaranteed results. See you at the beach!


Start out with five to 10 minutes of walking or jogging to get warmed up. It’s time for some bodyweight calisthenics. There are a few ranges you can work with. Beginners may want to start with less and the more advanced fitness folks can use the upper range. We’re going to do two sets of 10 (beginners) to 50 (advanced) of each exercise. Go through the list and do each exercise one time with 10 jumping jacks in between. Then do the circuit again.

Pull-ups (regular or modified)
Sit-ups or crunches
Speed skaters
Alternating lunges
Leg lifts

Repeat and remember to do the 10 jumping jacks between each routine. Finish it off with five to 10 minutes jogging or walking and 10 to 15 minutes of stretching.

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It’s time for hill or stair repeats. Always remember to start with a five to 10 minute warm-up and finish with a five to 10 minute cool down and 10 to 15 minutes of stretching. Find a hill or set of stairs—the steeper the better. I always say, “Gravity and fat are bitter enemies and one’s gotta give!” We’re hoping it’s the fat. You can do 20 to 30 minutes of straight repeats up and down or change it up. I like to do forward up, then backward. Do side shuffles. Add a burpee every 10 feet. Change it up and have fun.


Bring out your dumbbells (or makeshift dumbbells if you don’t have equipment—there’s not excuse not to get moving!). Do your warm up then do two sets of either 10 or 50 reps of each routine. It’s your choice. This time you’re going to add a 100 meter jog between each exercise. Here we go:


Dumbbell squat/curl/press (all one motion)
Dumbbell alternating lunges
Sit-ups/crunches with a dumbbell
Dumbbell flies
Dumbbell squats
Dumbbell bent over rows
Dumbbell deadlifts
Overhead triceps extensions
Dumbbell Hammer curls
Flutter kicks
Finish off with a cool down and some stretching.


“I feel the need, the need for speed!” is what you should tell yourself today. You can do this work out on a track, at the park or around your neighborhood. It should be about 20 to 30 minutes. Jog a couple laps to warm up. Run each distance with about a minute break in between. Start with 100 meters. Then go to 200. Or start at 400 and go to 800 meters then work your way back down 800 meters to 400 meters or 200 to 100 meters. Remember to modify the workout to your fitness level. You can take away or add. I like to add 1200 meters and 1600 meters to this pyramid. Do a couple cool down loops and stretch.


The weekend is almost here, so let’s end the week with a bang. This time you’re going to take all the exercises from Monday and Wednesday and put them together on one list. The goal is to go through the list only once, but to do as many reps of each one as you can. Nothing to it, right? Do an exercise then 10 jumping jacks. Then do another exercise and run 100 meters. Then do another exercise and follow it up with five burpees. Repeat this between each set. This is a barn burner that’ll really get your heart rate up, burn calories fast and keep it fun.”

You now have no excuse to get up and sweat out those extra calories. Remember, summer is just around the corner!

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