5 Reasons Why You Must Try Zumba Workouts

ZumbaZumba is a Latin inspired dance class, incorporating other world dance influences from India and Africa, while also adding touches of contemporary moves like hip hop. Typically, an instructor will stand in front of a class and have the participants follow his lead. Used primarily for dance aerobic classes, Zumba was accidentally developed by Beto Perez in Columbia In 1990, when he substituted his usual aerobics class CD music, with a disc containing Latin rhythms. Fast forward to today and Zumba is this global aerobics sensation with millions of people gyrating away even billions more of collective calories daily. The name Zumba is derived from the buzzing of bees, and in colloquial Colombian means fast. Here are 5 reasons why you must try Zumba workouts:

1. It is a relatively new way to break a sweat.

Any certified trainer will tell you that the body adapts amazingly well to a workout. It applies to both aerobic and anaerobic types of exercises. When you lift weights, you have to keep on changing the exercise from time to time to surprise your body. The same goes for your cardio routine. Zumba, being relatively new has that element of surprise your body needs to kick your aerobic routine into high gear. Who knows, it is the workout you probably need to shed those stubborn extra pounds or that last inch off your waistline. Since you sweat a lot during a Zumba class, it is also great at detoxifying your body.

2. Zumba workouts get the endorphin rush going much better.

Any aerobic exercise provides a release of the feel good hormones, endorphins, and this gives you that natural high running and other aerobic type of exercise offers. That endorphin rush could be more enhanced by Zumba because the music multiplies the pleasurable sensation. It sure beats a monotonous, run, walk, or bike ride. Its combination of slow then fast beats also makes for an exciting reason to move. The fact that it is group activity also activates the endorphin high even more. Endorphin release and the succeeding high translate to better, more upbeat moods. It also helps relieve emotional and psychological stress and all the debilitating effects related to it.

3. Zumba gets you looking good.

The total body workout of Zumba gives you a great toned body akin to a professional dancer. Keep at it and you will achieve that lean, muscular physique that looks more natural than a gym sculpted body. Since it is a weight bearing exercise, you also torch more calories than activities like biking, rowing or swimming where you do not carry your entire body weight. This means better and more efficient fat burning ability. The nature of Zumba also involves total body movement; hence you get not only toned legs, but toned arms as well. It also provides dance movements that develop a great midsection and a fabulous looking core. Advanced classes involve holding light weights or sticks to make the dances more challenging.

4. Zumba workout is interval training in disguise.

Remember the drill? Jog or brisk walk a minute, then sprint flat out for thirty seconds; then repeat this for 8 to 10 times. That’s your classic interval training routine. It gets your heart racing to approximately 90% of your maximum heart rate, then back down to roughly about 60%, and you do this for around 20-30 minutes. Zumba is a great way to stimulate your heart rate up and down. The benefits are exactly the same as classic intervals, but with so much more fun. You will enjoy the same stoked metabolism even hours after you have stopped dancing to the last Zumba beat. Fat burning will still be happening even when you are sitting still. This kind of intense training also taps into your fats stores first for energy before it starts eating up into your hard earned muscles. The result is more burned body fat, and a leaner physique.

5. Zumba classes are a great place to meet new people.

While Beto Perez who originally developed Zumba in 1990 perhaps never had this intention, Zumba’s popularity has attracted fit conscious people who are possibly of like minds and attitudes about health. Chances of you meeting new friends and acquaintances from different fields or professions are perhaps highly probable in these classes. Zumba has quite a diverse cross section of enthusiasts, and it is very likely your sphere of social interaction will grow.

Get into the hype now! There are a lot of Zumba workouts online and free Zumba workout videos can be viewed around the web.

While Zumba workout music can be listened right here:

Like all aerobic exercises, Zumba provides similar benefits for the body whenever you do extended physical exertion at moderate to high intensity levels. As the new kid on the block, Zumba is fresh and provides everybody a good cardiovascular workout. It is a refreshing way of body movement, and very effective at stimulating heart rates to levels beneficial for a good caloric burn. Since it is a dance, Zumba has an addictive appeal and can motivate one much more effectively with its contagious dance rhythms. It is fun and since you are enjoying yourself, time whizzes by. For optimum results, fitness experts suggest Zumba workouts at least 30 minutes, five days a week. Of course, get a clean bill of health first from your family doctor before embarking on any fitness regimen.

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