Burn Fat Faster with These Intense Cardio Workouts

Intense CardioYou may want to consider taking up intense cardio workouts if you feel like you’re not meeting your weight loss goals and you want to step up your fat-burning efforts. Intense cardio training will actually boost your metabolism and, thus, help you burn more calories. And when you burn more calories, you get to shrink your body’s stored fat and lose weight more quickly.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most people, your idea of an intense cardio workout is running on the treadmill for more than the necessary 30 minutes. Treadmill exercises can get old and boring really quickly if that’s all you do to complete your daily cardio quota. There are other intensive cardio exercises that you can try out that will help you melt the fat away a lot faster and make your workouts much more fun, too.

Short-Burst Cardio Workouts

Short-burst cardio workouts are one type of cardio exercises that you can try out to speed up your calorie burning. As the name suggests, these short, intense cardio workouts consist of multiple-rep exercise sets completed only within a few minutes and without resting.

An example of a short-burst cardio workout:

1. 24 reps of squats for 90 seconds

2. 24 reps of lunges (12 per leg) for 90 seconds

3. 24 reps of jumping jacks for 90 seconds

4. As many quick push-ups as can be squeezed in 90 seconds

It must be emphasized that the keys to a successful short-burst cardio workout are: 1) being able to squeeze as many repetitions of an exercise within a brief time interval, usually only one or two minutes; and 2) no resting between exercises.

The benefit of short-burst cardio workouts is it boosts metabolism to such high levels that you’re still pumping hours after your workout. This means you get to continue burning a lot of fat even when you are already at rest.

Longer Intense Cardio Workouts

If short-burst cardio workouts are not your thing, you can always opt for longer cardio workouts if you have the time for it. The theory here is the longer your cardio workouts are and the more intense it gets over time, the more calories you burn. So, a slow start is still okay as long as you spend time on it and intensify your workout as you go.

Longer intense cardio workouts are ideal for those who prefer their exercises to be low-impact. These exercises tend to be gentler on the body and are ideal for people who are still at the start of their weight loss journey and are just getting the hang of following a workout routine.

A set of short-burst cardio exercises can be converted to longer intense cardio workouts by taking the time limit out of each set of exercises. In other words, you can do the same routine as with a short-burst cardio workout, but you can take your time and you can rest in between sets. You can also try jogging or cycling. Some forms of yoga and Pilates also count as longer intense cardio workouts.

Intense Cardio Training through Sports

If the reason why you’re not meeting your weight loss goals and you’re often half-hearted with your fitness routine is the thought of doing repetitive exercises does not appeal to you, then you should turn to sports instead. A lot of sports also double as intense cardio workouts. You sweat a lot and you burn a lot of calories while playing. They are also very fun.

One great example of a sport that also counts as intense cardio training is basketball. Your running around while dribbling a basketball does a good job of keeping your heart rate up. Blocking your opponents and controlling the ball is great for building up strength. The game itself helps improve your endurance.

Swimming is another sport that is considered intense cardio training. Water is not a human’s natural environment. So when you swim, you have to push and fight against the water. The fact that water has a high resistance makes swimming a challenging exercise that can also help you strengthen your body, not just burn calories.

Intense Cardio Workout Tips

Intense cardio workouts are great for speeding up the fat burning process and your weight loss. But there are a few things that you ought to keep in mind whenever you engage in intense cardio exercises, such as:

1. Always listen to your body. You will have to endure some pain and discomfort in order to coax your body into burning more fat cells. However, you should never push yourself to the point of injuring yourself. Your body will tell you when it’s had enough, and when it does, you should listen to it. Injuring yourself through exercise is counterproductive; you will end up losing all the progress you have already gained.

2. Aside from stepping up your workouts by intensifying them, you should try to mix up your routines, too. Performing the same routine day in and day out will result in boredom and burnout. You may get so burned out that you wouldn’t want to work out anymore. Thus, you should mix up your routines. For example, you can do treadmill exercises on Mondays and Thursdays, attend Zumba dance classes on Tuesdays and Fridays, do kickboxing on Wednesdays, and relax with low-impact yoga on weekends. Mixing your routines like this will guarantee that you’ll have fun while doing your daily cardios.

3. Pay attention to your diet. No matter how intense your cardio workouts are, they will never work unless you go on a proper diet, too. A proper diet means eating a balanced meal with controlled portions and staying away from junk food. While you’re at it, you should form the habit of drinking a lot of water as well.

Intense cardio workouts are great for accelerating the burning of fat and your losing of weight. There are a lot of intense cardio routines that you can choose from, and make sure to have fun once you’ve picked the right one. Doing intense cardio workouts at home are convenient, too. Just as long as you choose the right cardio routine for you, you won’t go wrong and you’ll have fun while you’re shredding the fat off your body. So add intense cardio workouts in your daily routine today.

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