Cardio Workouts That Burn Fat Fast

Cardio WorkoutIt is hard enough to get that perfectly sculpted body. The going gets even tougher when you need to have it in such a short time like for a special occasion or if you can no longer fit into your clothes. Usually, the instant solution is a crash diet. But that will not suffice because it leads to more problems like nutrient deficiency, lack of energy, and even mood swings. But before you think all hope is lost, a cardio workout may just be the thing to help shed off that extra flab fast!

But why choose a cardio workout among all the other exercise programs?

According to Body Building, this kind of exercise is good for the heart, managing diabetes mellitus, improves hormone profile, recovery ability, and most especially, it increases the body’s metabolism. With this increased metabolism, the body can burn calories even when sleeping!

Since there are significant differences in the bodies of males and females, the best cardio workout will still be different for each person. Individual lifestyles must also be considered. The time frame within which the targeted body weight needs to be attained should also be taken into account. But on top of it all, one has to enjoy the preferred mode of exercise to make the feat enjoyable and something to look forward to each time.

The website Ask Men also writes that it is important to be comfortable with whatever one will use for the exercise, so getting the right equipment is also a key in maximizing cardio workouts.

It also shares that it is best to do such exercises first thing in the morning because at this point, the body has used up a lot of readily available energy, so working out will force the body to use up all the fat stores deep in the body.

For instance, those who already frequently go to gyms can have their trainer come up with their own cardio workout plan. There are numerous gym equipment suitable for highly effective cardio workouts like the stationary bikes and elliptical trainers, though the most common equipment for cardio exercises is the treadmill.

The treadmill is your best friend!

According to Fitness Magazine, a 20 minute treadmill exercise may burn up to 300 calories. The advantage with this equipment is that some offices already have this in their recreational area so you can easily sneak in a workout during lunch hour or after working hours. However, Women’s Health cautions that it has to be done properly. Their advice for the form is:

“Improve flexibility to smooth out your stride. Try leg swings—hold the handlebar, stand on one leg, and swing the other back and forth, keeping your upper body still. This will loosen your legs.” As to the work out, they share that the way to do is “mixing speeds and inclines to create intervals. Start with a 2 percent incline, and over several sessions work up to 10 percent. (Just walk at steep inclines.).”

Interval or circuit training is also suggested by She Knows for women. Instead of the usual aerobics, a combination of cardio and strength exercises in various intensities and periods works best. Interval training is best for shedding fat.

Men’s Fitness explains that the short recovery period allowed for each exercises leaves the body with oxygen deficits which the body has to address way after leaving the gym. This revs up the metabolism, making it burn as much fats as it can to compensate for the oxygen debt.

How exactly should I plan my exercises?

Cardio WorkoutThe important thing about these plans is to make it realistic and doable. The body should not be forced to take on high intensity exercises, especially for first timers. Workout plans are good because it makes the routines systematic and one can easily track the developments and modifications can be easily introduced as soon as the body has been accustomed to it and more than ready to take on the challenge of bringing it up to a higher level.

This mode of exercise does not always need expert’s guidance or formal gym classes, in fact it can be done at home. The best thing about cardio workout at home is that it can be done even without one realizing it. Running, cycling and brisk walking are the most popular and effective example of this. Short errands can be done while engaging in these exercises. It is hitting two birds with one stone!

The good thing about this cardio exercises is that even short periods of workouts can do wonders. A 30 minute cardio workout can burn 180- 500 calories depending on the modality chosen and the intensity of the activity chosen.

Finding the right equipment or exercise and maximizing it by mixing up the intensity and the period may do wonders to the body so being busy can no longer be an excuse for people to shun away and choose to suffer from bland crash diets that only make life more miserable. It also needs to be emphasized that it is best to stick to a realistic time frame instead of opting to getting the body at the soonest possible time. It is better to get a figure that will be for keeps than just get it for one special occasion.

The thing that sets a cardio workout apart is that it does not just address the problem of getting rid of the unwanted fats and bulges in the body. It keeps the heart healthy and body well conditioned. Cardio exercises do not just alter the weight, it modifies body functions like the metabolism that may be beneficial in the long term so it will be easier to keep that dream figure or it will not be as hard to shed weight if needed again.

Cardio workout does not need a lot of time nor bulky and expensive equipments. It can even be done with friends while running errands and seeing new places together! Bond together in a totally different, fun and healthy way!

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