Keep Up With These 8 Exercise Trends for 2013

Exercise trendsLike very much every other thing in our lives, exercises evolve due to fads. Because of the growing obsession of the public for fitness, exercises are constantly revolutionized so that more and more ways are developed to address specific needs of people and to be able to cater to all kinds of people young and adults alike.

Year in and year out, we are introduced from various exercise trends to the next. But no exercise ever becomes “dated” because trends in exercise constantly modify and update the existing ones. So once you have chosen your preferred workout, you can still be updated in the latest exercise trends.

New Exercise Trends 2013

This year ushers in the latest exercise trends, most of which are innovations of the trends in exercise which became popular in 2012. Here are some of the emerging workout trends that you might want to try for the year. With so many programs to choose from, it is impossible to not find anything of interest or suitable to one’s preferences. Here are only some of the buzzing trends to look out for!

1. Fitness parties

Say goodbye to the girl spa-rties! That is just so 2012. With increasing awareness of the importance of being fit as a fiddle, fitness parties are gaining popularity. Staples in most of these parties are aerobics, pole dancing, zumba, yoga and belly dancing! Now that takes bonding to a whole new different level! Some of these parties come in with instructors while some stick to instructional videos which are available in the market, or from live streaming websites. 2013 is just the year for healthy parties!

2. Dance Workouts

2012 introduced Zumba for all ages, young and adults alike and it now has a growing stream of followers. But the well-loved dance workout now welcomes Sh’bam and Groov3– dance to the tune of Latin and hiphop rhythm! A 45 minute-session of this dance can burn up to 600 calories. What is good about this option is that one does not get tired easily because it feels more like partying than working out.

3. Cross Disciplining or Fusion Classes

These workout trends refer to combination of relaxing and intense programs and are to be differentiated from cross training. The most popular mixes are Piloxing which is a combination of the relaxing Pilates and action packed boxing. Another is stand up paddleboard yoga. Even the rivals weight/strength training and cardios can be mixed in circuit trainings now so one can get the best of both worlds in just one program!

4. Weight/ Strength Training

This exercise has been around for quite some time and has in fact a place in the prestigious Olympics. However, it’s very trying appearance has discouraged a lot of people especially women. With the increasing popularity of exercises such as crossfit, extreme fitness and boot camp- like trainings, there is growing awareness of the need to bolster muscle strength for these activities. In turn, weight training has accommodated the needs of those in their advanced years as opposed to those who are still in their prime.

5. Specialty Studios

Gyms are slowly losing their popularity relinquishing their fame to specialty studios. Unlike gyms, specialty studios are equipped for the emerging workout trends like dance or yoga studios. More and more people is starting to look at exercises not only as means to lose weight but as a hobby.

6. Community / Group Exercises/ Trainings

Exercises after turning into “hobbies” are now starting to be a social activity. With the emerging “demographic specific programming” people of the same concerns, interests or even work schedules are herded together and there is now more socializing and bonding while sweating it out.

7. Extreme Fitness

If you think that weight training as frightening as it is, well you are in for an even bigger surprise this year. Crossfit in 2012 created such buzz about its intensity and extra challenging routines. But this year will usher in more hardcore programs for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. The good thing about this full body fitness program is that unlike weight training, all muscles of the body will get their own chance to be stretched to their limits without any need for intimidating machines that looks good enough to kill you instead of helping you. Insanity workout has been gaining popularity in this department.

8. Age Specific Exercises

Gone are the days that exercising was just a requirement for P.E. in school or for those who are just exercise fanatics. The increasing awareness on the importance of fitness and resolving prevalence of obesity has pushed for the development of various exercises for kids and those who are in their advanced years already. The good thing about the development of these programs is that it caters specifically to the needs of such age brackets giving due consideration to their bodies, needs and the risks that working out entails.

New exercise trends 2013 are all about innovations. Essentially, the basics of these workouts have been around for quite some time. There are even predictions that 2013 will also be about back to basics.

These modifications are nothing but response to the growing demand of people of various interests, concerns to address and who from different walks of life, exercises are continuously revolutionized to serve its purpose. In fact, as it continues to evolve, its purposes also widen to exclude those that are not traditionally perceived as purpose of exercise.

It may be high time for those who have so much room for improvements for themselves to find their niche and stretch those muscles out for a happier life which begins in these new exercises trends 2013!

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