Spice Up Your Workout with These Dance Exercises

dance exercisesAdding a dance exercise or two to your routine can do a lot to jazz up your workout. The problem with doing the same routine day-in and day-out is it can get boring quickly. Plus, there’s the factor of diminishing returns. After a while, the results you’ll get from doing the same routine over and over again without much variation won’t be as satisfactory as when you first started that routine. Your body will have become complacent and too used to the routine and there won’t be much resistance anymore.

But that can change if you add a dance exercise to your weekly routine. The advantage here is you get to shock your body out of its complacence and yield the results you want, if not better. This will keep you motivated and striving for better results. Moreover, switching up your routine with a dance exercise will keep your workouts fun. Fun is good because it keeps away the boredom.

Pole Dance Exercises

Pole dancing has long been associated with strippers and burlesque dancers – not anymore. In fact, pole dance exercises are proving to be very effective in improving strength and flexibility. Slithering your way up a pole requires strength. Carrying out the poses and inversions that pole dancing is famous for requires both strength and flexibility. Performing pole dance exercises helps you tone and sculpt your muscles. Pole dancing is actually a full-body workout, as it targets the core muscles, the arm muscles, as well as the legs and thighs.

Pole dancing is also said to be a great confidence booster. It is easy to master pole dancing moves, so you can set mini-goals that you can aim to achieve every time you work out using the pole. Completing an entire set of mini-goals per workout will keep you motivated and challenge you to do more and even harder moves. Eventually, you will develop an unflappable can-do attitude with pole dancing.

And if you think pole dancing is limited to women, think again. Pole dancing is becoming popular among men, too. Pole dance exercises are truly great strength builders that men can benefit from.

Jazz Dance Exercises

Jazz dancing is characterized by fast moves that usually require leaping and splitting, lively and often syncopated rhythms, and a lot of improvisation. All these key elements make jazz dancing ideal as a fitness routine.

How do jazz dance exercises help you get fit? For one, jazz dancing burns a lot of calories. The fast moves you are required to perform in jazz dancing use up a lot of energy. So if you’re trying to lose weight, jazz dancing could be your ticket to shedding off the extra pounds quickly.

For another, jazz dance exercises build up strength and flexibility. You really can’t do those fast and high-energy steps if your core and leg muscles are not strong enough. The same applies with the splits; you can’t perform these splits and hold your body in the required form if you are not flexible enough. But if you keep trying to master jazz dancing, these moves will help tone and strengthen your core and leg muscles. They will also help improve your flexibility.

Jazz dancing is also fun. Because this form of dance encourages you to improvise and create your own steps, you can practice your creativity and make your own moves. You get to work out and show off at the same time.

Modern Dance Exercises

Modern dance is a lot like jazz dance in that it can involve high-energy steps accompanied by lively music and that you can improvise your steps and movements as you go along. The difference here is that with modern dance, you can speed up or slow down, as well as switch up to high-impact steps or low-impact ones. In other words, modern dance is free-form dance.

How can modern dance exercises benefit you? Again, modern dance exercises bear similarities to jazz dancing exercises. Modern dancing is a good calorie burner, so you can lose weight quickly with this form of dancing. It improves muscle tone and flexibility as well.

But with modern dance exercises, you don’t have to exert as much energy or effort if you don’t feel like it. As mentioned earlier, modern dance is a free-form dance that you can charge up or slow down. So if you want modern dance to be your main workout for the day, you can use high-energy and high-impact movements to yield the burn you desire. On the other hand, if you’re not in the mood for exercising, you can still turn to modern dance to get some exercising done just so you won’t fall out of rhythm with your routine. You can also use modern dance exercises for warming up before starting a high-impact workout.

Dance Exercises at Home

The best way to attain the benefits of dance exercises is to enroll in a class or join a group. Dancing is a social activity, so doing dance exercises as part of a group will be more fruitful for you in the long run. In a group setting, you’d be encouraged to push more and perform well. Besides, being surrounded by other lively people can be uplifting. Their energy will rub off on you.

However, you don’t have to be in a class just to get your dance exercises done if you prefer working out alone. You can simply set up your living room or bedroom as your temporary dance studio if you want to do dance exercises at home. Just play a dance exercise DVD or put some music on and then move your body to the music. You can even install a pole in your home if you want to try out pole dancing on your own.

Adding a dance exercise or two is great for spicing up your workout routine. You get to surprise your body out of possible complacency so you can get consistent results. Dance exercises help keep the motivation up and the boredom away. So if you need to mix up your workout routine, feel free to incorporate a dance exercise. It will be good for you.

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