Try a Walking Workout for that Needed Energy Booster

walking workoutAlmost everybody wants to have that healthy and fit body. Of course, the most popular way to reach that dream is through proper exercise and diet. This seems to be such an easy plan, but once you actually do it, not everyone will probably agree. Truth be told, starting to exercise is a tough task already. Many types of excuses are given such as not having enough time or it is too exhausting. However, it’s actually the opposite. Exercising more is one of the best ways to beat fatigue. According to Dr. Samantha Heller from webmd.com,

“Contrary to popular belief, exercising doesn’t make you tired — it literally creates energy in your body. Your body rises up to meet the challenge for more energy by becoming stronger,”

A walking workout plan is one of the simplest and most efficient workouts. You won’t even have to go any nearby gym. All you’ll need to have is a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothing, pedometer and most importantly, your desire.

The key to success in this kind of fitness program and just about all the other training programs in the world, it is best to tailor the walking workout program according to what you would like to achieve. You may want to lose weight, lower cholesterol, prevention or better management of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some stress disorders, improve circulation and bone strength, balance, coordination and it boosts the body’s energy.

According to sparkpeople.com, a very good walking workout plan also takes into consideration the frequency of the workouts, the intensity of the workout itself (walking slowly, moderately or briskly or as fast as you can go), and the time allotted for walking that of course includes the time for your mandatory warm up and cool down exercises before and after the workout. It is best to try at a beginners pace first and gradually increase the intensity and the time of your workouts as you get familiarized and accustomed to the exercise.

In designing your training plan, it is important to make a feasible walking workout schedule. Take everything into consideration. First and foremost, note that the recommended frequency of workout is 3-5 times a day. You should ensure that there is sufficient time allotted for this, one that will not conflict in your daily grind or activity.

Fitnessmagazine.com suggests having a 15-minute workout if you want to but make sure that the intensity compensates for the short period allotted. You can do a “15 minute lunchtime quickie” which entails just your normal stroll, but just be sure that you don’t stop within the said period.

You can make it more enjoyable and time it up accurately by playing your favorite playlist or song in repeat within the said duration. You can squeeze in the walking when going to the office or coming home from it or you can walk a few blocks from the grocery or the church during the weekends. It’s easy and really not demanding. Not only does it increase the energy, it also lightens the mood of a person.

Once you have come up with your walking workout plan, you have to stick to it. Discipline and consistency are the keys to this. You just have to make your plan as realistic as possible, in that way you won’t come with excuses for not complying with it. It is also important, as previously mentioned, to step it up as much as you can when you get the hang of it. This pushes the body to achieve more and use up more of your stored energy causing more calories to be burned in the process.

If your plan is to go after weight loss and energy booster, then an interval walking workout is highly recommended by webmd.com. Just like any interval training, this involves “short bursts of intense activity, called intervals, with periods of lower intensity, or rest periods. Switching between the two makes your body work harder, burning more calories faster than it would at a steady, moderate pace.”

An example of a beginner’s interval walking workout program from sparkpeople.com looks like this:

5 minutes of warm up exercises
1 minute brisk walking
2 minutes of moderate paced walking
1 minute of walking as fast as you can
2 minutes slow walking
1 minute brisk walk
2 minutes of moderate paced walking
1 minute fast walking
2 minutes slow walking
5 minutes of cool down exercises

With a walking workout plan, you can turn your usual activity into a very a very beneficial workout for the body. With this motivation in mind, you can turn this dull and tiring activity as something to look forward to so it will not be as tiring and bothersome as it used to be. Its versatility is also an advantage, you just have to make it a conscious effort to design it to serve your ends, be consistent with it, challenge yourself every time you feel that you have mastered and accomplish your first program.

Outdo yourself: wear the proper gears and implements like shoes and pedometers and make it as fun and lively as you can. Of course, be careful in choosing where to do it to keep you from possible injuries. Choose a well cemented pavement or flat grassy field for this so you don’t just fall off. Even if you are wearing the proper gear, they can only do so much in reducing the impact of the injury.

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