Top 5 CrossFit Gyms in America

crossfit gymsA workout craze is sweeping the world, and its name is CrossFit. CrossFit is both a fitness regimen and a community. CrossFit itself emphasizes on optimizing fitness through performing constantly varying functional movements at high intensities. They use methods from gymnastics, power lifting, Olympic weightlifting, endurance sports and more to forge elite fitness. Constantly varying the workouts means you never get bored and are always challenged physically and mentally.

CrossFit gyms employ a highly-rigorous training regimen which was developed by Greg Glassman over several decades. CrossFit.com identifies him as “the first person in history to define fitness in a meaningful, measurable way.” With that, he has created one of the fasted growing fitness regimen trends in the world.
More than just another gym, CrossFit gyms are places where you can learn to improve yourself with like-minded people, working to build themselves to be the best they can be, together. Each day at crossFit gyms gives you a sense of fulfilment, with each workout of the day or WOD that you accomplish. What more, with a community of gym-goers to help cheer you on, taking on each new challenge somehow becomes a bit more manageable.

CrossFit has since grown into a major global fitness success. There are plenty of gym options for you to choose no matter where you’re from or what kind of community you want to join. Indeed, there are more than 5,500 affiliated gyms and more than 35,000 accredited CrossFit Level 1 trainers all over the world.
Here are our top 5 picks in America (in no particular order):

1. Valley CrossFit – Van Nuys, California

One of the most well-equipped crossFit gyms in North America, let alone crossFit gyms in California, Valley CrossFit has an impressive 15,000-square-foot facility that includes a 48-foot pull-up and monkey bar system, 1600 square foot professional gymnastics floor, 7 climbing ropes, 6-foot obstacle walls, a wall of rowing machines and a cargo net along with the usual truck tires, sleds, slam balls, kettle bells and barbells. They also have classes every day, including special events such as seminars on defense and power lifting.

Website: www.valleycrossfit.com

2. CrossFit Takeover — Virginia Beach, Virginia

Considered as one of the top crossFit gyms in Virginia Beach, CrossFit Takeover emphasizes on creating a fun and exciting environment for it members and athletes. So much so, that most of their coaches actually started out as members who trained and honed their skills with great passion. This kind of community makes it one of the best crossFit gyms, because the sense of bond and community is one of the key components in successful crossFit gyms.

Website: www.crossfittakeover.com

3. CrossFit 616 and West Michigan Barbell — Grand Rapids, Michigan

One of the many great crossFit gyms in Michigan, CrossFit 616 is an official Crossfit affiliate. They focus on personal training in a group setting, and joining the CrossFit 616 family means you always have someone to keep you motivated and on track with your workout, nutrition and life. Their trainers comprise a group of athletes who have all undergone level 1 certification.

Website: www.crossfit616.com

4. Level 4 CrossFit Seattle – Seattle, Washington

Level 4 CrossFit Seattle was actually the very first CrossFit affiliate. It is owned and run by Dave Werner, a former Navy SEAL with over 25 years of coaching experience. It is 10,000-square-feet worth of the best CrossFit equipment and handpicked top-notch staff of trainers. Each client enjoys individualized attention, whether in a group class or a one-on-one coaching session.

Website: www.crossfitseattle.com

5. Reebok CrossFit One – Canton, Massachusetts

Arguably one of the best gyms in the world, let alone crossfit gyms in America, Reebok CrossFit One is one of the most exclusive gyms ever. It’s not about the money; unless you’re an employee of Adidas Group, Reebok or Rockport, you just won’t get the chance to experience Reebok’s global campus. For the lucky ones, they can get their workout from one of the 6 resident coaches with 5 years combined experience.

Website: www.reebokcrossfitone.com

That wraps up our choices for our top 5 CrossFit gyms in America. It really depends on what you’re looking for. Is it the intensity of the workout? Is it the community and camaraderie that you can get from exercising with other people? Is it a preference for shiny new gym equipment that screams “we are the best”? Is it the military-like approach of the trainers? Or is it a more friend-like approach that you crave in your coach? Is it important to you that you are trained by a trainer who has won top places in the CrossFit Games? There are many reasons why you should choose your CrossFit gym. It could actually even be as simple as it was the closest to your home or work place.

Whatever your reason for choosing one gym or choosing several as your top gym, the important thing is that you have your choice and that choice makes you comfortable, motivated, and invigorated to perform your WOD with quality. There are plenty of crossFit gyms locations that you can check out. Just visit www.crossfit.com to find your most convenient one to get started. You can check out the other gyms later on.

Who knows? Perhaps when you’ve found your place in one of the many Crossfit gyms, you’ll be able to train your way into a spot in the CrossFit Games. Maybe you’ll even become a future crowned Fittest Man or Woman on Earth! You’ll never know until you try. It may be one of the hardest things to start, but the important thing is that you start at all.

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