Have Rock-Hard Abs with These Effective Daily Ab Workout Apps

Ab WorkoutA regular, no-fail daily ab workout is absolutely necessary if you want to have rock-hard, six-pack abs. Medical experts and fitness gurus alike claim that of all the parts of the body, the abdominal muscles are the hardest to define and sculpt. The excess fats found in the abdominal area are quite resistant to burning. And yet, they must be shed off at all costs. It’s not just because society in general has equated having a fit body with rock-hard abs– it’s because you are more at risk of health problems such as diabetes and heart ailments if you have a repository of fat in your abdominal area.

Given how it’s difficult to get rid of fat around the abdomen and to sculpt the muscles into a rock-hard six-pack, you’ll need all the help you can get to achieve this endeavor. Thankfully, you can download a daily ab workout app that will help you develop a systematic daily ab workout plan and attain the results you want. Here are some of the top-rated apps you can try out.


1. 6-Pack Abs with Weight Loss

An offering of app developer mobileRiders, 6-Pack Abs with Weight Loss combines natural weight loss routines with workouts focused on the abdominals. The developers’ rationale is you can’t really burn off all the fats in your abs by just performing an ab workout daily. You have to accompany this ab workout with fat-burning exercises, specifically cardio exercises, and a proper calorie-deficit diet. The app does exactly that.

The 6-Pack Abs with Weight Loss app features four ab workouts with different workout levels. One routine is for beginners while the other is for intermediate users. One routine is designed to increase the size and the density of your ab pack while the fourth one describes an ab workout you can easily do at home without equipment.


2. Get 6-Pack Abs

The Get 6-Pack Abs App works more as a guide to developing your own ab workout routine. It features a number of exercises that target the different areas of your abdominal area, namely the upper abs, the middle abs, the lower abs, and the obliques. You can mix and match the exercises according to which area of your abs you want to focus on and create a customized seven-day workout plan. You can note down this workout plan on the app itself.

Aside from the customizable workout plan, the Get 6-Pack Abs app also contains a meal plan. The meal plan is designed to complement whatever abs workout routine you choose to follow and can work with your dietary needs and food preferences. This app was developed by Mobileapptray.


3. Kettlebell Abs + Core Workout

Fitness experts have hailed the kettlebell as one of the most effective workout tools for weight loss, muscle building and strengthening the core. Personal trainer Samuel Pont capitalizes on the beauty and effectiveness of kettlebell workouts to bring us the Kettlebell Abs + Core Workout App.

The app contains eight video clips demonstrating different kettlebell workouts that target the core muscles. In these video clips, Samuel Pont shows in detail how each workout should be done correctly. Included in these video clips instructions on how to do class kettlebell abdominal exercises such as the windmill, the Turkish get up, the oblique figure eight, the lunging wood chop and the Sicilian crunch. The total content for this video lasts 35 minutes.


4. Sixpack Abs & Diet

The Sixpack Abs & Diet App, a product of mobileBeez NG6, is somewhat similar to the Get 6-Pack Abs app. Just like the previous app, it works more as a guide for developing your very own personalized abs workout routine. It contains four different exercise sets, with each set containing multiple exercises targeting specific areas of the abdomen– once again, namely the upper abs, the middle abs, the lower abs, and the obliques. Each exercise has detailed instructions that are meant to guarantee that you’d be doing them correctly. You can pick the exercises you want to create your daily routine and note down your seven-day routine on the app itself.

Again, just like the Get 6-Pack Abs, the Sixpack Abs & Diet app also features a meal plan that is supposed to complement your personalized weekly workout routine. You can also customize the meal plan according to your dietary needs and food preferences.


5. The Daily Ab Workout App

The Daily Ab Workout App is a product of Daily Workout Apps, LLC. It features a video of a single daily ab workout routine that is in turn made up of several exercises all meant to strengthen your core muscles and shape your abs. The entirety of the video lasts for ten minutes. However, you can select your workout length for five or eight minutes. This makes the app easier to fit into your schedule. Moreover, you can choose which specific exercise to start so you won’t have to do exercises you don’t feel up to doing. You can also randomize the exercises to mix up the routine in case you start getting bored with it.

A certified personal trainer performs all core exercises showcased in the app. The free version of the app contains only one routine. The full version, however, has two additional routines you can choose from. The videos can also be viewed on landscape mode with the full version.

The purpose of daily abs workout apps is to help you become more consistent in your efforts to trim and sculpt your abdominal area, given that the abdominal area is the hardest part of the body to work on. But in the end, it doesn’t matter what app you use for this effort. What is more important is that you do your daily ab workout every single day, without fail, if you are truly serious about seeing rock-hard, six-pack abs gracing your torso. Without perseverance and consistent effort, you won’t really get the sculpted abdominal muscles you want no matter what kind of app you use.

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