3 Simple 5-Minute Beginner Workouts

Beginner WorkoutPerhaps, one of the hardest parts in working out as a beginner is actually starting the workout. But truthfully, there is just one trick to it—just keep moving. Keep on moving every day in different ways like walking or running. Start small and end successfully with a developed, scheduled workout routine when you reach your fitness goal.

Working out is definitely easier talked about or taught than being actually done, and working out takes time. This article will cater to you several beginner workout routines to help you reach that fitspiration and jumpstart that healthy and fit lifestyle!

The first step in a beginner workout is to get ready. Just like in several things in life, you can’t just dive in something life-altering so instantly. According to Dulce Zamora of webmd.com,

“The first step to any workout routine is to evaluate how fit you are for your chosen physical activity. Whenever you begin an exercise program, it’s wise to consult a doctor. Anyone with major health risks, males aged 45 and older, and women aged 55 and older should get medical clearance, says Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise.

After assessing your fitness, it helps to set workout goals. For example, do you want to prepare to run a 5K? Hit the gym five times a week? Or just walk around the block without getting winded? Make sure the goals are clear, realistic, and concise.”

Moreover, you should know that there is nothing wrong in going slow when starting with a beginner workout routine. In fact, you should let your body adapt at its own space. Just like with so many things, too much is never good.

Now that you know how to prepare yourself for a beginner workout or the lifestyle of working out per se, you can now start with your beginner workout routine or a program that may well be fit for your body and lifestyle.

If I must say, the most enjoyable beginner workout program has to do with sports. It is simple, do your favorite sport once to twice a week or three to four times a week. This can get your body working while you are enjoying. If you don’t have a sport yet, or have just been wanting to try a sport, join a club or form a group that will do the sport you wish to do. Keep that lifestyle, and before you know it, your body has already adapted to working out.

Another beginner workout routine, according to Leo Babauta on zenhabits.net includes the basic workout of jogging and running;

“Start out with some steady-state cardio, though, at least for a month while you get used to moving more. Walking is a great way to start out, especially if you haven’t exercised in awhile and/or you’re pretty overweight. If you’re in decent shape with not too many extra pounds, start with some slow, light jogging.

After a month or so of doing this at least 3 times a week (4-5 is even better but not everyone has the time), you can add some light intervals. Warm up for 5 minutes first to prevent injury and to let your heart adjust to beating faster, before starting the intervals. For beginner walkers, just pick up the pace for 30-60 seconds, and then walk at a normal pace for 1-2 minutes to recover. Don’t overdo it at first. You can repeat this 3-5 times during your normal walk.”

Furthermore, there are workouts patterned after certain genders and their body types. If you’re a woman, you can find beginner workout routine for women in different magazines and websites such as this made by Fitness Plan on bodysite.com:

Monday: Cardio + Toning Exercises
• 5 minutes walk on treadmill or outdoors
• 10 minute Jog on treadmill
• 5 minute Cool down
• 3 sets Seated Row
• 3 sets Bicep curls
• 3 sets Triceps cable pushdowns
• 3 sets Dumbbell front raises

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Cardio + Core Strength Exercises
• 5 minute warm up
• 3 sets Crunches (view image |view image)
• 3 sets Plank/Bridge on Swiss Ball (view image)
• 10 minute Interval training on treadmill or stepmaster
• 5 minute Cool down
Tuesday – Rest / Take the Day Off
Friday: Cardio + Lower Body
• 5 minute Warm up on treadmill or stepmaster
• 3 sets Body Weight squats
• 3 sets Walking lunges
• 3 sets Lying leg curls
• 10 minute Jog on treadmill
• 5 minute Cool down

Saturday: 30 minutes light cardio of your choice

Sunday: Rest

On the flipside, Men’s Health has a beginner workout routine for men to hype that body and tighten those muscles up;

1. Press-ups
Sets 3
Reps 10 or 15
Rest 90 seconds
2. Kettlebell front squat
Sets 3
Reps 10 or 15
Rest 90 seconds
3. Band-assisted pull-up
Sets 3
Reps 10 or 15
Rest 90 seconds
4. Dumb-bell or kettlebell reverse lunge
Sets 3
Reps 10 or 15
Rest 90 seconds
5. Inverted row
Sets 3
Reps 10 or 15
Rest 90 seconds
6. The plank
Sets 3
Hold for 20-60 seconds
Rest 90 seconds

These workouts above may look big and quite too overwhelming, but nothing great comes easy. So get out, move and have fun! Let none of this scare you! The only thing you have to be scared of is gaining too much weight. Also remember that it is never too late to start working for that healthy lifestyle!

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