Jillian Michaels Secret to Having a Ripped and Sexy Body

jillian michaelsIf you are wondering about who the new darling of the fitness world and are curious about what the buzz about her is all about, then just read on and get to know Jillian Michaels.

Jillian Michaels has conquered the world of fitness without vengeance. She is the newest guru for that perfect shape everybody is pining for.

Who is Jillian Michaels?

American personal trainer Jillian Michaels was born February 18, 1974 at Los Angeles California. She studied at California State University, Northridge and at same time worked herself to school as a bartender and personal trainer. She has been a personal trainer for twenty years and counting and is still continuously inspiring people from all over the world.

She got her certification with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, The National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association and Kettlebell Concepts. She is also well versed in kickboxing, yoga, pilates, plyometrics and weight training and she utilizes these techniques among her clients.

Her first shot to fame came in October 2004 where she became a trainer at a reality television series The Biggest Loser until May 2011. She then joined “Losing it” with Jillian a spin-off of The Biggest Loser on June 1, 2010 till July, 2010.

Aside from her growing popularity on TV, she also extends her love for health and fitness in her charitable works with NFL’s Play 60, the Clinton Foundation’s Alliance for a Healthier Generation , Stand Up to Cancer, Working Wardrobes, Hope for Haiti, Sow a Seed and Dress for Success. She’s also an adviser to the National Day of Dance for Heart Health that encourages people to laugh, have fun learn and dance for a healthy heart. She also authors fitness books. She has her own website and phone applications in order to reach wider population to whom she can impart her passion. She is now into speaking engagements all over the place to touch more people as possible.

She also owns and operates a sports medicine facility to which she is very personally involved.

What sets her apart from all other fitness trainers in the world?

She is very popular and inspiring among the health buffs but she has this appeal among virtually everyone because of the hard work she devotes for her love for fitness. She is also a perfect epitome of how rewarding hard work and perseverance can be since attaining her present physique was a very testing journey for her too. It took her a lot of pain and effort to attain and maintain her present weight.
So what exactly does weight loss with Jillian Michaels entail?
Very much like your every other weight loss programs, she also recommends healthy combination of workouts and diet! But of course, she would not get all these glitz and glamour if she’s not made of sterner stuff.

Her mantra is eat less and move more. It is all about finding the right amount of food for the needs of the body and to match it with just enough physical activity to offset whatever is in excess of that. She is vehemently against fad diets and pills or medication, which according to her, only negatively affects the body rather than helps you achieve your goal. You might just think that it is helping you in the short term but its long term effects may not be as desirable as what it promises to cause. She also believes in good 8 hour sleep for full recuperation.

So let’s go close and personal to what she has to offer and what the fuss about her is all about.

What does Jillian Michaels eat?

Diet for her is not about controlling your hunger but eating just the right kind of food just when the body needs it. There’s no need to skip meals or starve yourself of filling and tasteful food. In fact, a typical Jillian Michaels breakfast is worth 500 calories!

Apart from the usual three major meals of the day, she also recommends in between snacks. She eats just about everything from organic vegetables to chips what is important is that the nutrient requirement for each day is satisfied.

Of course, nothing beats healthy eating so it is still recommended to always opt for the healthy food. It is also best to avoid such occasions when you will have no choice but to just eat whatever is offered. Choose to dine in healthy restaurants, bring along healthy snack, and serve these kinds of the food in your party.

It is the deprivation and frequent hunger that often drives people to either abandon their diets or to munch on practically everything and anything edible that come their way. By eating healthy snacks at the right time and in moderation, you should get by just fine and offsetting will not be twice as hard.

Workout with Jillian Michaels

As previously mentioned, she is almost a jack of all trades. Instead of just specializing in one field, she chose to learn and master a lot of training techniques because she firmly believes in diversifying and combining a lot of routines rather than just sticking to one kind of exercise.

She is an avid believer that the whole body should be worked out and not just one’s problem areas. So even if you just want to get rid of the flabs or achieve those killer abs, don’t just focus on the stomach with abs exercises. Strengthening the whole body muscles because it will burn more calories preventing the accumulation of fats in places where you don’t want them to be.

Instead of just plunging head on to working out, she is talking about understanding the problem areas for better understanding and appreciation of what you are working out for and how to really fight your battle.

Perhaps Jillian Michaels is a prophet for fitness. More than just achieving the dream body, she is a proponent of learning and habit forming lifestyle that will make being sexy a way of life instead of a life mission. Live the life as if we are all born with tantalizingly curvaceous body seemingly unaffected by anything.

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