Safe and Easy Exercises for Moms

exercise for momsMotherhood really turns the life of a woman around. From a world focused on building a career, finding the “right one” through dates, and indulging in pleasurable things, you are suddenly plunged to a world of managing the household and looking over your baby.

It is certainly one of the toughest things you have to endure and do in this world. Imagine having to wake up early in the morning to clean and cook food for the family, sending the kids to school, and then going to the office to work or simply to accomplish the never ending household chores. After all that, you have to take care of the family again when nightfall comes.

Sounds like an impossible feat right?

Probably more than anybody else in the world, it is the moms who need to be fit as fiddle and have the constitution of an ox to juggle everything. Having poor physical health will really get in the way of doing all these things. This gets even more difficult when moms have just given birth and need to shed some weight that they have put on during pregnancy.

Thankfully, there are exercises for moms. It sure sounds out of this world, squeezing in another activity. Aren’t you getting enough workouts from all the chores that you are doing?

The answer may be yes, but then if you’re going to be a new mom, it’s important to get started by really preparing your body to this lifelong commitment. It is hard enough to adjust to all these responsibilities. Your body and fitness should not get in the way as well.

If you are a new mom and you are seriously considering exercise for new moms, it is best to first consult your doctor if you can start engaging in these exercises that could be physically demanding. You do not want any complications involving your post birthing operations.

Workout for moms can take various forms but it can also be as quick as five or ten minute exercises if you are ultra busy. Here are some mommy workouts that moms out there may want to try. They are so easy to follow and so quick to do that there’s no need to worry about reshuffling your daily routines just to accommodate it.

You can try combining very easy routines that can be done for one minute like jogging in place, straight leg kick while reaching for your toes using the opposite hand, jumping jacks, and arm punching. You can also squeeze in these short exercises for moms while doing your chores. For example, you can go up and down a flight of stairs or balance your weight in one foot (alternating between two feet) while waiting in line.

Aside from these, you can also try doing some of these more serious and physically taxing routines.

Debi Silber from momtastic.com recommends chair dips as they can be done either at the office or at home.

“Sit on a chair or bench. With legs straight, lower yourself off the chair or bench until your elbows are at the same level as your shoulders. Squeeze the triceps in the back of the arm as you lower for 4 counts then lift for 4 counts. Work up to 3 sets of 10 repetitions.”

You can also try butterfly abs. by lying on your back with hands under your head and the soles of the feet together, lift the chest and shoulders then lie back down.
Modified push-ups can also be done. Instead of supporting yourself on your hands and feet, lift your feet up and stabilize yourself on your knees instead then start doing your traditional push- ups.

You can also engage in step ups. Using dumbbells and a platform (could be a stair step or a box) with the right foot on the platform followed by the left foot, stand full on the platform then step back down starting with the left foot. Do these exercises alternately. It has many benefits as highlighted by Susi May of fitsugar.com:

“Cardio: There’s a reason step aerobics were so popular in the ’90s; stepping up and onto something gets your heart rate climbing. Step-ups will help you burn more calories during strength training sessions, so add step-ups between sets of ab and arm work to keep your heart rate high.

Booty lift: Step-ups work your backside. In fact, celeb trainer Valerie Waters believes high step-ups are the perfect cure for a “droopy butt.” You can grab a chair and do a set of high step-ups at home. I think they will lift your mood as they are lifting your derriere.

Hill climbing: If you run or bike, you know hills can be tough, but strength training helps. Step-ups mimic the action of running and biking preparing your muscles to climb. Consider step-ups part of your cross training.”

Meanwhile, for the new moms, you may want to turn workouts as additional bonding time with your new bundle of joy by choosing to perform mommy and baby workouts.

For example, doing leg extensions with your kid sitting on your leg while you lift is an option. The baby can double as an additional weight for the exercise. It has a two-fold purpose: you get to exercise while your kid gets to play.

You can make it more fun by raising her up using both legs while doing leg lifts. But instead of sitting up, you should lie down, have the baby sprawled on both legs, and then lift your legs. Drop the heels (but make sure to have a good grip of the kid) then lift again.

exercise for momsAnother similar routine is shoulder press. By lifting the baby up in the air using your shoulder muscles then bringing her down will surely excite the two of you!
Innovate your usual “horseback riding” play by doing glute lifts in its stead. Instead of carrying around the kids on your back while crawling around, have your child sit on your stomach. After this, carry him or her up by driving through your heels and then lifting your hips and squeezing your glutes.

Make those nasty push-ups livelier and more fun by keeping your child in front of you and kiss him or her whenever you push down.

See, mommy workouts can be so much fun- in fact it can be something to look forward to everyday because it can also mean playtime for baby. Basically, you’re hitting two birds with one stone (i.e. engaging in physical training and play time with your baby). This will not only keep you healthy, it will also nurture your relationship with your kids and make all your tasks possible. Suddenly, motherhood will not be as hard a job as you initially perceived it to be. And finally, you will not just be rewarded with accomplishments and good relationships, but you may also be saying hello to your two piece swim suit again next summer.

So for the moms out there, time to put your training shoes and sweat shirts on again and stretch those muscles again!

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