Various Ways to Burn 500 Calories

burn 500 caloriesThe quest to burn more calories is always one that the health conscious individual is constantly pursuing. Experts say that the easiest way to shed calories is to not ingest it in the first place. Easier said than done. Regrettably, we all know that we are all guilty of indulging in some gastronomic pleasures every once in a while. So how do you burn 500 calories anyway? To burn 500 calories is the magic number because if you burn 500 consistently a day, you lose a pound of bodyweight a week. Take that a step further by reducing your caloric intake by 500 a day and you get the potential of losing 2 pounds per week. The average intake to maintain the status quo of a healthy body weight is 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men.

Exercise to burn 500 calories involves some pretty simple activities. You could easily burn 500 calories at home if you wanted to just by doing some house chores with a little bit more enthusiasm. Workouts that burn 500 calories are plentiful, just make sure you know how long to do an activity to achieve this goal.

Let us examine the many ways how to burn 500 calories a day.

1. Give your house a vigorous cleaning for 2 hours and you will feel the burn.

2. Do some gardening for an hour and a half.

3. Go jogging for 60 minutes at 5mph. This is a gentle, way to burn 500 calories. If you are pressed for time, try the next number. Choose outdoors preferably, but the treadmill is fine if you would rather stay indoors.

4. Go running 30 minutes at 8mph. This is still one of the best and most efficient ways to burn. Indoor on a treadmill or outdoor on a track or running path is all a matter of choice.

5. Go swimming for 60 minutes. This does not mean a leisurely swim but rather some vigorous lapping in a full sized pool in order for you to burn.

6. Go mow the lawn for 2 hours, provided you have a lawn big enough to consume that much time. This also presumes the grass is overgrown.

7. Do some form of high impact aerobics for 50 minutes. Step aerobics would be a good choice.

8. Do some Zumba dancing for an hour to burn 500 calories. Caramba!

9. 45 minutes of intense weight lifting burns 500 calories. Intense means little rest in between sets.

10. Do some jump rope for 45 minutes. You’ll look cool while you burn (provided you don’t hop like a school girl, in which case opt for something else).

11. Play a full court basketball game. Playing for 50 minutes will have you burn 500 calories.

12. Get an old school hula hoop and keep at it for 50 minutes which should torch 500 calories even if you look ridiculous.

13. Play 2 hours of vigorous Frisbee and you will also be able to burn 500 calories. Bring the Labrador for extra fun.

14. During winter months, don’t let the cold weather get you down. Ice skating for 50 minutes will burn 500 calories.

15.  Go grab a racquet. A game of tennis for 60 minutes will burn 500 calories, improve your hand-eye coordination, and give you a great cardio workout while having fun and feeling the burn.

16. If you are hoof inclined, go for some horseback riding. A nice trail would be a visual bonus to the 2 hour riding required to burn 500 calories. Hold the reigns tight.

17. Learn self-defense. Go boxing or learn karate and keep at it for 50 minutes. We don’t know if you will vanquish your opponent, but you will surly burn 500 nasty calories.

18. Scale that wall, (or that mountain). 60 minutes of rock climbing will do the trick at burning 500 calories while getting a great full body challenge. Skip this if you have vertigo.

19. A two hour Pilates session will burn 500 calories while giving you a nice svelte body.

20. Two hours of Yoga will do the same burn for you. Ohmmmmm. (and keep “centered”)

21. Go to a gym and get a Jlo-like butt on the stair stepper doing a one hour session. You will also burn those 500 calories.

22. Provided you are a woman, do some belly dancing for two hours. Close the door if you think you don’t look right.

23. Be a handyman under the car. Work on that basket case of a vehicle for an hour and a half and you will burn 500 calories. Whether it starts or not is another matter.

24. Put your Tiger Woods face on and hit the fairways. Just skip the golf cart and the caddie. An hour and a half at the country club will burn 500 calories handicap.

25. Try rugby. 45 minutes of this rough sport will burn you 500 calories plus a likely concussion.

26. Play volleyball for 50 minutes in the sand. Skimpy bikini not required for you to burn 500 calories.

27. Unless you are involved in some kind of Guinness type of world record, kissing for 6 hours will burn 500 calories. Get a partner with nice breath, please.

28. Get on a bike indoors or outdoors and cycle for 65 minutes at a 12-13mph pace. When outdoors, bike safely, and the more the merrier. This activity is not only fun but you will also contribute to greener planet.

29. Go shopping for two and a half hours at the mall. Make sure you don’t break your wallet.

30. Finally, do something wholesome like play with the kids. An hour-and-a-half of medium level activity will burn the 500 calories, while you earn valuable points with the children. Sweet.

Try one of these activities, and you’ll surely be on your way to achieving that lean and sexy body!

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